Naples, the Chiaia Funicular does not reopen: works never started

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We announced it in month of September 2022 that the Chiaia Funicular for 6 months as of October 2022 for i twenty-year overhaul work. Unfortunately, however, the reopening date may not be respected, this is what the latest rumors communicate.

Apparently, the reopening of the Chiaia Funicular could be postponed to 2024. Although there is still hope to finish the work by the end of 2023, the funicular that connects Vomero to Chiaia seems to be destined not to reopen soon, as many citizens expected.

Actually i jobs of the twenty-year maintenance, scheduled for October 2022, they haven't left yet due to the failure of the deserted races and private negotiation. To give a further brake to the situation was the increase in costs of raw materials since the specialized operators in the sector considered that the conditions imposed did not guarantee the balance of the contract. The financial commitment is very onerous, in fact we are talking about a cost and it is estimated between 12 and 13 million euros.

To avoid further delays, the Common has decided to separate electromechanical work from civil work and to throw one new race. The chairman of the Mobility Committee, Nino Simeone, expressed perplexity about the completion of the works within the year and about the financial coverage. The commission will update next Monday to define everything.

Scheduled to open in spring 2024

According to the Press Release of the Council dated 23/01/2023, Il Infrastructure Commission met with the commissioner Edoardo Cosenza and the head of the Infrastructure section to discuss the extraordinary repair work of the Chiaia funicular, which has been closed since the previous October.

Regarding time, the wait for the reopening of the Chiaia funicular is scheduled for spring of the 2024, unless there are further delays in currently unforeseeable administrative proceedings. As for the problems for users, they are being minimized by focusing on the use of substitute buses and on the use of central funicular.

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