The Chiaia Funicular in Naples closes for 6 months: timetables and stops of the replacement bus

Chiaia Funicular

A new bad news for public transport in Naples because from Saturday 1 October 2022 the Chiaia Funicular will close for 6 months.

The motivation is to be attributed to twenty-year overhaul work that it is necessary to operate for the maintenance of the funicular and for its efficiency, but certainly the inconvenience will be great for the users of the means of transport, be they citizens or tourists.

Jobs have slipped several times, starting from 2017, but now the time has come to implement them, also because the extension granted by the Ministry has expired.

Work on the Chiaia funicular: what it is

The works we have mentioned will last 6 months and will cost approximately 5.8 million euro.

They will serve to modernize the Funicular and make it safer and more efficient. They will concern:

  • the total restructuring;
  • specifically, to replace machinery, winch and ropes;
  • the revamping of the wagons.

Replacement NC bus shuttle

To remedy this long inconvenience, one will be put into service NC shuttle bus which will serve the Margherita / via Cimarosa sul following path:

Piazza Amedeo (terminus) - Parco Margherita - corso Vittorio Emanuele II (height of the Grifeo Park) - via Tasso - via A. Falcone - via Cimarosa first section (corner via Luca Giordano) - via Scarlatti - via A. Falcone - via Tasso - Park Margherita - piazza Amedeo (terminus).

In detail, the stops are:


  • stop n. 2001 piazza Amedeo (terminus)  
  • stop n. 2947 via del Parco Margherita, in front of the Chiaia funicular station
  • stop n. 2547 corso Vittorio Emanuele (Grifeo park), height Corso Vittorio Emanuele station of the Chiaia funicular 
  • stop n. 2452 via Tasso civ. 65, height of the International Hospital
  • stop n. 2009 via Tasso, height via A. Falcone
  • stop n. 3261 via A. Falcone, height of Calata San Francesco  
  • stop n. 3098 via Cimarosa, corner via Luca Giordano


  • stop n. 3124 via Scarlatti, height of the pedestrian area via L. Giordano
  • stop n. 3254 via A. Falcone, height of Calata San Francesco
  • stop n. 2150 via Tasso, height via A. Falcone
  • stop n. 2451 via Tasso 
  • stop n. 2270 via del Parco Margherita 
  • stop n. 2273 via del Parco Margherita height Chiaia Funicular Station.

NC bus schedules

Here are the shuttle timetables:

  • First departure from piazza Amedeo: 06:40 am
  • Last departure: 22:00
  • Steps from via Cimarosa at 07:00; last at 22:20.
  • Frequency: 10 minutes
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Written by Fabiana Bianchi
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