ANM strike on 15 December, 24-hour stop confirmed

Naples metro line 1, Municipio stop

A complicated story that of strike on December 15th, with news that follows one another within a few minutes, sometimes even conflicting ones.

The question of precept

At first it was decided a 24-hour strike on December 15th, the strike was actually supposed to take place in November, but had been ordered by Minister Salvini, which in fact forced the strike to be reduced to 4 hours of service.

The unions, seeing their right to strike violated, therefore decided to postpone it until December so they could still strike for 24 hours.

Wednesday 13 December, however, a new precept has arrived by Minister Salvini, which would again force a 4-hour strike.

The reaction of the unions

Obviously, as expected, the reaction of the unions was not positive, who strongly rejected the precept, but left each company to decide whether to adhere to the original timetable or not.

Many transport companies, as in Milan and Rome, have decided to join the strike only in a reduced form. In Naples EAV has decided not to join, and ANM rejected the injunction joining the 24-hour strike.

1-hour strike on Metro Line 24, Buses, Trams, Trolleybuses and Funiculars

During the morning of December 14th, ANM issued a public statement joined the strike in its original form: 24 hours stop, obviously in compliance with the guarantee bands.

Which led to an update of all previous information, who warned of the injunction, but with the "suspicion" in the air that things would not go as Salvini thought.

ANM strike times

The ANM strike will then take place from 3:00 am on December 15th to 3:00 am on December 16th.

ANM's guarantee bands

Surface lines (buses, trams, trolleybuses)

The service will be guaranteed:

  • by 5: 30 8 to: 30
  • by 17: 00 20 to: 00

The last departures will be made 30 minutes before of the start of the strike, while they will resume 30 minutes after the strike started.

Funiculars: Mergellina, Centrale and Montesanto

The last morning run will be guaranteed at 09.20 am, after which the service will resume with the first afternoon run at 17.00 pm, with the last evening run scheduled for 19 pm.

Due to the works, the Chiaia plant will still be closed, as a replacement the NC shuttle service will be active which will follow the bus guarantee periods.

Subway 1 Line

The subway did not join the strike

Metro Line 1 could also join the strike, with the first run from Piscinola at 06 and from Garibaldi at 30.

The last ride from Piscinola in the morning will be at 09:10, while from Garibaldi at 09:10. The service will resume with the first afternoon trip which will leave from Piscinola at 17pm, while from Garibaldi it will leave at 03pm.

The last guaranteed trip will leave from Piscinola at 19 pm and from Garibaldi at 34 pm.

Working hours:from Piscinolafrom Garibaldi
06:30First departure from Piscinola
07:10First departure from Garibaldi
09:10Last ride from PiscinolaLast race from Garibaldi
17:03Resumption of service from Piscinola
17:43Resumption of service by Garibaldi
19:34Last ride from PiscinolaLast race from Garibaldi
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Written by Gennaro Marchesi
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