Naples, stop extending travel for metro line 1 on 9 February

Metro Line 1 of Naples

The extended hours of ANMSince it was announced, it has represented a turning point especially for young citizens who spend their weekends using public transport. The 9 February, however, there is a change of plan for the Metro Line 1 of Naples, with direct consequences on the organization of evening trips.

Extension of Metro L1 routes suspended on 9 February

ANM communicates a change in the service hours of the Metro Line 1 for the evening of 9 February. The usual time extension is suspended, resulting in an early closure of the journeys:

  • Piscinola concludes at 21:04,
  • Garibaldi ends at 21:34.

Why this decision?

The decision is dictated by the need to perform urgent technical checks, essential for the maintenance and safety of the line.

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Written by Andrew Navarro
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