Free shuttles to the beaches of Miseno and Miliscola: bus from Cuma

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Free buses between Cuma and Miseno to reach the beaches! There are also interchange parking lots.

From Saturday 15 May 2021 the free bus shuttles leave for the sea linking Cuma and Capo Miseno. In addition, they are also available 4 interchange parking lots experimental, all for every weekend of the summer.

That way, on weekends it will be easier to go to the sea taking advantage of the means of transport, especially after having parked in the special parking areas from which to then take the free buses.

In mid-June, the bus from Vomero to Miseno and Campania Express.

Timetable and route of the bus shuttles

The buses can be used by everyone, both residents and non-residents. They will support the Eav lines on rubber and will circulate between Cuma and Capo Miseno, round trip, through Fusaro and Cappella. Buses depart 30 every minute, with first ride from Cuma at 8:30 and last at 20:00. Instead, the first ride from Miseno is at 9.00 and the last one at 20:30.

Here are the stops:

  • Cuma (School Via Cuma 167)
  • Fusaro (Pliny the Elder School)
  • Fusaro (Bourbon Park)
  • Chapel (Gramsci School)
  • Miliscola (formerly Hotel Sorriso)
  • Miliscola (free beach entrance)
  • Miseno (Chalet Giona)

The interchange parking lots

They are located in the uncovered areas of the following four schools:

  • via Cuma 167, Pliny the Elder - white stripes
  • via Fusaro - blue stripes
  • Gramsci a Cappella - blue stripes
  • Piazza Marconi - blue stripes

In the areas with the blue stripes, those in possession ofmunicipal pass and H mark does not have to pay an additional fee.

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