Cuma-Miseno shuttle: the free bus to reach the lidos and beaches in summer

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Return to service there shuttle between Cuma and Miseno which, throughout the summer, will help reduce traffic for the shores and beaches of the area, thanks to the frequent departures from strategic parking areas. It is a municipal circular bus that runs alongside the service provided by EAV.

In fact, the free bus will depart from several stops that are located at both free and paid parking lots where you can leave your car and then take it back from the sea.

The shuttle service is active every weekend from these interchange parking lots, from morning to evening, from Saturday 9 July to Sunday 28 August 2022. The bus is air-conditioned and reaches Miseno da Cuma in 20 minutes.

We remind you that the bus between Vomero and Miseno.

The timetables of the shuttle

The bus, active only on Saturday and Sunday, runs every 30 minutes according to the following times:

  • first ride from Cuma at 9.00 am;
  • first ride from Miseno at 9.30 am;
  • last ride from Cuma at 19.00;
  • last ride from Miseno at 19.30.

The shuttle stops

Here are the stops:

  • Cuma, former tennis courts (free parking area) in Via Spiaggia Romana;
  • Cuma, school parking 167 in Via Spiaggia Romana;
  • Fusaro, Pliny the Elder school car park;
  • Fusaro, parking area adjacent to the Bourbon Park;
  • Chapel, parking area in front of MD supermarket
  • Chapel, Gramsci school parking lot;
  • Miliscola, Via Lido Miliscola (entrance to the Lido Aurora free beach);
  • Miliscola, Via Lido Miliscola (free beach entrance in front of Saturday);
  • Cape Misenum.

The prices of the shuttle and parking

La shuttle bus is completely Delivery to Italy takes one or two business days, for both residents and non-residents. Instead, i interchange parking which are located in the stops we have listed are with blue stripes for a fee according to the indications of the signs on the street, excluding the parking area Cuma, former tennis courts, That is Delivery to Italy takes one or two business days.

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