Nikita Pelizon versus Silvia Toffanin? Verissimo excluded those of the GF VIP

Nikita Pelizon

Nikita Pelizon, after the news of having been excluded from Silvia Toffanin's Verissimo, she lashes out at the presenter and against the top management of Mediaset "They made a bundle of everything, punishing even those who did not trash during GF Vip 7". Here's what's going on and the plans for Nikita Pelizon for the future.

Nikita Pelizon it doesn't fit to be put in the pile with the others and, after having received the news of his exclusion from Verissimo, the gossipparo program of Silvia Toffanin, he did not send them to say, neither to the presenter, nor to the top management of Mediaset (Pier Silvio Berlusconi included).

What happened? According to what has been revealed by Her, immediately after the final party in the studio (also ruined by more than questionable acts) and with which the victory of Nikita Pelizon, Mediaset would wage a real war against both the GF VIP 7 both against themselves former "Vipponi" who participated, thus demonstrating Alfonso Signorini that I didn't like the latest edition at all.

And, in the "cancellation plan", she ended up too, Nikita Pelizon, which was one of most bullied competitors of the GF Vip 7 and that, perhaps, more than others, she deserved to have the spotlight on her. As expected, the model didn't take it well at all, so much so that she, in hers stories on Instagram, he openly expressed his dissent and without mincing words.

GF Vip 7, Nikita Pelizon on his exclusion from Verissimo "No distinction was made."

In the stories, in fact, Pelizon accused not only Toffanin, but also Mediaset itself, of “having made a bundle of all the grass”:

“It was decreed that this was a trash edition and no one could be considered 'salvageable'. However, I believe that a distinction must be made between those who brought the trash and those who did not. I think my victory was the triumph of education and respect. I'm proud of it. This means that Italians want more light and less shadows.”

Nikita Pelizon, nothing Very true for her, but there would already be other projects in her future

Nikita Pelizon however he is not discouraged and, after having Donato 50% of the 100 euros won GF VIP 7 to an association for the environment, he revealed that yes, Very true, he ruled it outbut there are already others suggestions for her at stake:

“I dream of becoming co-host of a program, but in the meantime, I won't say anything.”

Regarding the other ex vipponi who participated with her, the model said she is facing the trauma suffered in the most spied on house in Italy with meditation and breathing, but that she received no apologies from those who attacked her:

“It was all a technique to take me down but they couldn't.”

Speaking instead of Antonella Fiordelisi e Geneva Lamborghini, said she was very happy to have found friends with whom to share her life, even outside the house GF VIP 7:

“I love my soul in Geneva. If I could, I would marry her."

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Written by Frances Orelli
Image source: Instagram profile Nikita Pelizon (@nikitasimply)
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