Nights in Sorrento 2015, events and shows on the coast

Sorrento panorama at night

The summer nights of Sorrento will be animated by numerous and unmissable appointments!

In the enchanting city of Sorrento unmissable events will take place for about five months musical events, cultural, artistic, photographic and enogastronomici. The review, entitled "Nights”, Is promoted by the Municipality of Sorrento, in view of the huge tourist influx of the summer period. Each night will have a particular theme, which will satisfy the tastes of all participants.

Among the many artists that will be present, there will be Niccolò Fabi, Joe Barbieri, Raphael Gualazzi, Peppe Servillo and Simone Cristicchi. The event will take place in different suggestive location, from the cloister of San Francesco to the Ibsen park, and in several enchanting Sorrento towns such as Marina Piccola and the archaeological area of ​​the Baths of Regina Giovanna, Casarlano, Malacoccola, Pizziutiello and Colli di Fontanelle.

The initiative was inaugurated with the broadcast "A Night for Caruso ", transmitted every year on Rai 1, dedicated to the unforgettable tenor Enrico Caruso, who died in Sorrento and, as Lucio Dalla sang, "the song of the great Caruso the sea had kept to itself".

Schedule of Nights in Sorrento

  • Clear nights and sweet dreams between land and sea
    When: from the 12 July 2015 to the 10 August 2015
    Where: Marina Piccola and the archaeological area of ​​the Bagni della Regina Giovanna
  • Nights among the hilly sunsets
    When: from 18 July 2015 to 9 August 2015
    Where: Malacoccola, Pizziutiello and Colli di Fontanelle
  • Nights between marine symphonies
    When: from the 3 August 2015 to the 13 September 2015
    Where: cloister of San Francesco
  • Multi-expressive review
    When: from 11 to 20 August 2015
    Where: Casarlano
  • Street animations
    When: from 10 to 27 September 2015
    Where: historic center, Marina Grande and Piazza Veniero
  • Divine Nights
    When: from 16 to 18 October 2015
    Where: Cathedral of Sorrento

Information on Nights in Sorrento

When: from the 25 June to the 18 October 2015
Where: Sorrento
Info: | site of the City of Sorrento

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Written by Valeria Muollo
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