The Chocolate Fair is back in Vico Equense with Choco Italia: January 2023

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The appointments of the homemade chocolate, after speaking to you and announcing the arrival of Chocoland in Vomero, we now move on to a new stage marked by Choco Italia in Sorrento. It will take place in Vico Equense twigs 28 to January 31 2023, with free admission from 10 to 24.

The Artisan Chocolate Fair "Choco Italia" represents an opportunity for promote and enhance the production of artisan chocolate created by companies from various Italian regions. The goal of the event is to highlight the work of craftsmen Italian of the chocolate, the excellent quality of raw materials usedas well as high-quality chocolate creations and sweet specialties created by craftsmanship and local traditions.

The event offers a wide variety of products, including chocolate bars, cremini, sweet pralines and much more, in order to create a real itinerario of chocolate that satisfies the palates of both gods great be of the most small.

What Choco Italia in Sorrento offers

But what exactly can you find at this renowned artisan chocolate fair? We try to make a list to make you understand the main ones attractions e organisers' activities of the Choco Italia appointment.

  • Exposure of artisan chocolate from various Italian regions
  • Creations unique and high quality made by Italian chocolate masters
  • Ciokofabbrica, the first European cultural traveling chocolate factory
  • Tasting of chocolate bars, cremini, pralines, creams, sculptures in chocolate and sweets and Italian specialties in chocolate, including pralines, cremini, nougat and chocolates
  • specialty desserts traditional and original
  • Stalls to buy high quality products
  • Itinerary attractive chocolate for young and old
  • Knowledge of ancient workings of chocolate and local traditions
  • Activities and demonstrations to discover the secrets of artisan chocolate production

Contacts and information on Choco Italia in Sorrento

  • Where: Piazza Marconi, Vico Equense (Sorrento)
  • When: from Saturday 28 January 2023 to Tuesday 31 January 2023, from 10:00 to 00:00
  • Price: the event is free
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Written by Andrew Navarro
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