Vaccine obligation for over 50s and rules on school and Green Pass: the new decree

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The new anti-Covid decree has finally been approved dissolves the knot on the vaccination obligation that has been decided for the over 50s and which also better defines the cases in which it is necessary to exhibit the Green pass. At the moment it remains a draft, but there was the unanimity of the last Council of Ministers.

The decree also explains when the quarantine is triggered in case positive results emerge in the classes, depending on grade and vaccination coverage, and when Dad leaves.

Let's see everything in detail.

The vaccination obligation for over 50s: the cases of workers and the unemployed

The Council of Ministers made a difference between the over 50 workers and the unemployed. In particular:

  • who is at least 50 years old and works is obliged to show the Reinforced Green Pass, what you get if you are vaccinated or cured of Covid. Therefore, it is an indirect vaccine obligation for those who have not yet tested positive for the disease and then recovered since the reinforced Green Pass is obtained precisely with a vaccine or with recovery from the disease;
  • in any case, those who have recovered must compulsorily get vaccinated 6 months after recovery;
  • the direct vaccine obligation is triggered for unemployed over 50s.

When the obligation starts: the dates

There are differences:

  • over 50 workers from February 15th they must go to work by showing the Enhanced Green Pass (which we remember is obtained with the vaccine or with recovery from Covid). This applies to both the private and public sectors;
  • unemployed over 50s are obliged to get vaccinated immediately, that is, from the publication of the decree in the Official Gazette;
  • in both cases the obligation is valid until June 15 and anyone who has completed 50 or who completes them by that date is subject to the obligation.

Who is exempt

Only those who are exempt from a are not required to vaccinate medical certificate for ascertained danger to health in relation to specific documented clinical conditions, certified by the general practitioner or by the vaccinator.

To whom the obligation applies

The vaccination obligation applies to:

  • all the citizens who reside in Italy;
  • applies to both Europeans and for foreigners. Green Pass: no to enhanced for activities and services

Green Pass: the basic one for shops and services is enough

From January 20 to June 15 the Basic Green Pass and not the enhanced for access to

  • activities for personal services, such as i hairdressers and beauty salons;

From 1 February to 15 June, always the basic Green Pass for:

  • shops;
  • shopping centers;
  • banks;
  • public offices (Municipalities, Provinces, Regions);
  • public services (such as INPS and Poste)

We remind you that the basic Green Pass is obtained both with Vaccine, both with negative buffer with either healing from Covid.

When you need the Enhanced Green Pass

With the new decree, in addition to the cases already enunciated in the previous decrees, the Enhanced Green Pass is extended to:

  • workers over 50 to access workplaces (public and private) from February 15.

The places where it is already mandatory by the decree of the end of November:

  • indoor restaurants and bars;
  • theaters;
  • cinema;
  • concert halls;
  • stages;
  • public parties and ceremonies;
  • discos.

From 10 January to 31 March it will be extended to almost all social and recreational activities. Therefore, in addition to the aforementioned places, it will be mandatory for the following activities:

  • use of means of transport, also for transport local or regional public.
  • hotels and accommodation facilities;
  • feasts resulting from civil or religious ceremonies;
  • festivals and fairs;
  • convention centers;
  • outdoor catering services;
  • ski lifts with tourist-commercial purposes even if located in ski areas;
  • gyms;
  • swimming pools, swimming centers, team sports and wellness centers, even outdoors;
  • Museums;
  • cultural centers, wellness centers, social and recreational centers for outdoor activities;
  • game rooms;
  • bingo halls;
  • casino.
Green pass

The penalties

The decree provides:

  • that businesses can replace suspended workers without salary because they do not have a reinforced Green Pass. The replacement is for 10 days renewable until March 31st;
  • who goes to work without the enhanced Green Pass must pay a fine that goes by 600 1.500 in euros;
  • for who does not comply with the vaccination obligation the penalty is 100 € lump sum.

Vaccination obligation for those who work in universities

It was also decided to extend the vaccine obligation, without age limits, to:

  • all the staff of universities and institutions of higher artistic, musical and dance training;
  • for students the obligation of a basic Green Pass is still valid

Back to school: quarantine and Dad

The return to school is scheduled for 10st January, therefore the assumptions of the previous days were confirmed. The issue of the school was delicate because it had to be decided according to the different cases and school grades. The differences are due to the different vaccination coverage and the use of the mask.

Kindergartens (3-6 years)

That's enough here only one case of positivity in the classroom to trigger the 10-day quarantine with molecular or antigenic swab for re-entry into the presence.

Primary schools (6-11 years)

Two cases of infected in the classroom are enough and the quarantine is triggered.
The situations:

  • if there is only one case, the class remains in attendance with self-monitoring on symptoms and recommendation not to participate in afternoon activities without first having an antigenic swab. The activity in the classroom continues by making a rapid or molecular antigen test as soon as the case is known, a test that will be repeated after 5 days;
  • second case or more, which are ascertained within 10 days of the first in the same class, there is quarantine for all of 10 days and they go to Dad.

Middle and high schools (12-19 years)

For students aged 12 and over, three cases of infected are needed to start quarantine.
The situations:

  • if there is a positive self-surveillance is triggered with the use of the FFP2 mask in the classroom;
  • if there are two cases there is integrated digital teaching (partly digitally and partly at school) for those who have completed the primary vaccination cycle for more than 120 days, for those who have recovered for more than 120 days and for those who have not had the dose of recall. For all the others, the activities in presence continue with the'autosorveglianza e l'' use of the FFP2 mask in the classroom;
  • with three cases Dad leaves in the same class for ten days.
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