Easter Monday 2018 at the Agnano Hippodrome in Naples with music, entertainment and picnic area

Easter Monday at the Agnano Hippodrome
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Music, games, horse races and good food for the 2018 Easter Monday at the Agnano Hippodrome in Naples!

The 2 April 2018, theRacecourse of Agnano in Naples it will remain open all day for the day Easter Monday with many events.

Music, fun for young and old and good food will be the leitmotif of the holiday. There will be the "Vip Party Live Show“, Entertainment and DJ-set show with Gigio Rosa and Gigi Soriani from Radio Marte, the games for the little ones on the grass, like the musical ones or the handkerchief, and animation by Casper Animation.

The pizzeria and cafeteria of the park will also be open, both with special menus at "family" prices, the equipped playground, inflatable rides and jumps, it will be possible to go for walks on ponies and food corners will be set up in a "street food" style, with cotton candy, staples and popcorn.

There will be horse races of the Campili Trophy. In addition, it will be possible to access the maxi gallop track which for the occasion will be transformed into a picnic area.

Information on Easter Monday at the Hippodrome

When: 2 April 2018

Schedule: by 9.00

Where: Hippodrome of Agnano, via Raffaele Ruggiero 1

Price: 5 euro for adults (children entrance totally free)

Info: Sito Official

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