Easter Monday 2018 on Vesuvius with excursion to the Inferno Valley

Gran Cone of Vesuvius
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Nature and ecology will be the protagonists of the 2018 Easter Monday on Vesuvius with an excursion to the Valle dell'Inferno!

As every year we ask ourselves 'But what do we do on Easter Monday?'
If you want to breathe clean air and enjoy the beauty of spring that brings with it the scents and colors of nature just flourished, the 2 April 2018 will take place in the Valley of Hell within the Vesuvius National Park, organized by the Econote and Vesuvius associations to explore.

A naturalistic eco-excursion that will make us discover the typical geological structure of the volcano-layer at the fence of the Somma-Vesuvius. After descending into the valley, from the side of Ercolano, you reach the Arena and the natural Arch first and then the Cognoli di Levante, where you can see the lava formation of "Vesuvius", engraved by a deep fracture, in which it is possible to enter, as if we were, into the bowels of the Earth.

How to equip yourself

To comfortably cover the long and varied route we suggest you wear:

  • Layered clothing: cotton knit, windproof sweatshirt, light long trousers, spare shirt, gym shoes or non-smooth sole, hat.
  • Equipment: packed lunch, water, camera, towel to lean and eat, bag for waste. It is not possible to barbecue.

Information on the Easter Monday on Mount Vesuvius

When: 2 April 2018

Where: Via Vesuvio 42 Ercolano

Schedule: by 9: 30

Price: 15 €

Duration: 5 hours

Reservations required: info@econote.it or 3936098130 (also whatsapp), limited places. Facebook event e Econote site

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