Peter Brook: seminar at Suor Orsola Benincasa for the Napoli Teatro Festival

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The world-famous English theater director Peter Brook will hold a seminar tomorrow 28 May at 12 at the Aula degli Angeli of the University of Studies Sister Orsola Benincasa, on the occasion of his world premiere de The Spopolatore di Beckett. The show will debut for the Napoli Teatro Festival from the 6 to the 9 June at the Teatro Sannazaro.

Traveling with Beckett it will be a meeting on “how and why theater is done”, a sort of vademecum that the indisputable master of international scenes will have the pleasure of transmitting to anyone who wants to approach the art of theater and staging in the contemporary era. Director Marie-Hélène Estienne who collaborated with Brook for the staging of the text will also be present at the meeting.

Peter Brook traveling with Beckett

Peter Brook he often brings his shows to Naples, a sign of an intense love he has for our land, in which he spent a month of rehearsals with his company of actors, according to the model of "creative residences", to immerse the performers with the environment in which the show will be held. The theater for Brook is an intimate encounter between human beings, and does not need scenic frills that distract attention from the essence of the meaning of what happens before one's eyes. Her scenes are known to be gaunt and naked, to evoke an "intimate" and original theatrical dimension, and each of her performances represents a step in her relentless search for new communicative languages.

Nothing will be anticipated during the seminar on the performance of Beckett, The Spopolatore, one of the most anticipated of this sixth edition of the Napoli Teatro Festival. We know for sure that the version of the Irish playwright's text that we will witness will not be “pessimistic”, undermining this cliché about his theatrical production.

“When it comes to Beckett it just says how pessimistic he is. And it is precisely this word that I want to deepen. Instead, I think it's his honesty that annoys me. There is nothing more positive than Beckett's works. The care, the love, and the value he gives to every detail are positive. Like a craftsman, he creates true literary jewels. He is an absolute perfectionist and anyone who cares about perfection believes in an ideal, so he can't be a negative figure, that's all. "

A direction that reveals itself, therefore, completely unpublished, whose curiosity has spread on how the scene will be set up, imagining the one described by Beckett himself in his work: "A cylinder 50 meters in circumference and 16 meters high inhabited by beings looking for a way out".

On the motivation for which you have chosen The spopolatore Peter Brook admits sincerely:

“Every time, for a work and an author, they pretend that there is a motivation. Which? I like it, I want to do it, that's all. You work with your heart and intuition, right? "

Lo spettacolo The Spopolatore it will be in German with Italian subtitles. On stage the great German actress Miriam Goldschmidt.

Information on the show The Spopolatore:

Dates and times:

  • 6 June 20 hours
  • 7 June 20 hours
  • 8 June at 21: 30
  • 9 June 19 hours

Price tickets: 

  • Full: 25 €
  • Reduced (under 26 and over 65): 15 €

Where: Sannazaro Theater, via Chiaia 157 Naples (Google Maps)

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