PizzaCon 2024, the pizzerias at the Comicon in Naples. What are they and where

Il Comicon Festival approaches and brings with it a long list of famous Neapolitan pizzerias. In fact, the typical dish of the Neapolitan tradition could not be missing, so even those coming from outside will be able to taste it in the best possible way. This year we also have something even more inclusive.

Gluten-free pizza is also arriving

There's big news on the PizzaCon menu: gluten-free pizza! With the help of reliable partners such as Estathé and Solania Pomodoro, the festival now offers a tasty choice that meets the needs of all visitors. A new option is perfect for those looking for a gluten-free alternative without giving up the taste of real Neapolitan pizza.

Where are the PizzaCon pizzerias located and which are they

Inside the Comicon Festival, the pizzerias of PizzaCon found in two main areas: in front of the Pavilion 10 and behind the Mediterranean Theatre. Each location hosts several pizzerias that offer both classic pizzas such as the Margherita and specialties created exclusively for the event.

In front of Pavilion 10:

  • 10 Diego Vitagliano offers both the gluten-free Margherita and a gluten-free COMICON Special Pizza, with fiordilatte, basil pesto, walnut pesto and turmeric.
  • Pizzeria Da Nino Pannella has a traditional Margherita and a COMICON Special Pizza with flavored potato cream, homemade porchetta and provola.
  • Pizzium offers Margherita with fiordilatte from Agerola and peeled tomatoes, and a special version with frankfurters.
  • ImpastoVivo serves a Margherita with Agerola fiordilatte and a COMICON Special Pizza with cooked ham and fried potato "sphere".
  • Pizzerias Errico Porzio it has the classic Margherita and a special one with Nerano cream and pecorino.

Back of the Mediterranean Theater:

  • Pizzeria Salvo with a traditional Margherita and a white COMICON Special Pizza with buffalo stracciata and fiordilatte cubes.
  • PI Greek serves a Margherita and a special with smoked provola, baked potatoes and pulled pork.
  • Fresco – Trattoria and Pizzeria it has a Margherita and a special with provola and cream of potatoes.
  • Diameter 3.0 offers a Margherita and a COMICON Special Pizza with Agerola provola and Avezzano potato cream.
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