Living nativity scenes in Naples and Campania at Christmas: they come alive with costumed figures and re-enactments

Living Nativity
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One of the most beautiful and important traditions in Campania concerns theorganization of living nativity scenes to celebrate the Nativity and the Christmas and New Year holidays.

Unfortunately last year this tradition went on hiatus due to the pandemic, but this year we try to be reborn and, metaphorically, what better symbol if not the crib with its Nativity can give us the push to lift ourselves up?

In Naples and in the other provinces of the Region we are proceeding to set up beautiful ones with the background of Bethlehem, with many costumed characters that will animate them and background music. There will be re-enactments to make everything more suggestive.

Here are the living nativity scenes not to be missed!

Living nativity scenes in Naples

In Agerola

The Living Nativity Scene returns to Agerola organized by the San Martino Parish. Along the way you can also taste the ancient flavors with a menu that includes: Neapolitan montanara, tubes with lard, walnuts and Provolone del Monaco DOP, Christmas zeppola and glass of wine.

Where: Agerola, Campora hamlet

When: from 26 to 30 December 2021; from 2 to 8 January 2022

Schedule: from 16.30 am to 20.30 pm

Prezzi: 2 euro entrance to the Nativity scene | admission + tasting 5 euros

Contacts: 3386115777-3664968498 | Facebook page

In Torre Annunziata

The living nativity scene of Torre Annunziata also returns after two years. It is staged by the company “'O Pazzariello” which represents the Neapolitan living Folkloric nativity scene and it is the only nativity scene in Italy that unravels on 3 plans. There are the classic environments, the houses, the stables, the market, the shops and of course many shepherds.

Where: Sanctuary of the Holy Spirit of Torre Annunziata, Corso Vittorio Emanuele III

When: 27, 28, 29 December and 3, 4, 5 January

Price: on a voluntary basis, the proceeds will go to charity to the “Don Pietro Ottena” soup kitchen and to the children of Burundi.

Contacts and reservations: 3922602617-3475758369 |

Living nativity scenes in Salerno

In Salvitelle

Living Nativity

The living nativity scene includes a beautiful historical re-enactment with the Magi, the little shepherds and the many other characters in the streets of the village. There will also be tastings with local products and typical dishes as well as fun events with fire eaters, jugglers and artists.

Where: start of the route Largo San Sebastiano - Salvitelle (SA)

When: 18th December

Schedule: from 18.00 am to 23.45 pm

Price: 1 € | up to 12 years free

Contacts and info: 3664475229-3277179310 | Facebook event

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