Easter and Easter Monday traffic forecasts 2024, departure and return

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Easter e Easter Monday are upon us and, like every year, the strategies for avoid traffic they are a priority. Traveling informed can make the difference between a peaceful transfer and hours of waiting on the highway, so here are some tips on how to make the trip more enjoyable scorrevole, making the most of the traffic information already available for plan departure and return times.

What are the red and black sticker days for Easter 2024

The days marked by red and black dot they are those in which there are the time slots in which it is statistically expected intense or paralyzed traffic with potential critical issues and long queues. In 2024 the following time slots are marked as red and black stickers:


  • Hours afternoon and evening on Friday 29 March by 12: 00
  • morning of Saturday 30 March by 8: 00


  • afternoon of Monday 1 April from 15 pm
  • evenings of Monday 1st and Tuesday 2nd April from 18 pm

Tips for best planning your departure and return

To better deal with travel to the Easter holidays, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Choose the right time: obviously they should be avoided peak hours and the days with red dot, it may seem trivial but even a difference of one hour can make a big difference. Early mornings or late evenings are often best.
  • Check traffic in real time: Use navigation apps or dedicated sites to get traffic updates and thus be able to change the route if necessary. It is available on the Autostrade website a page that will update you in real time on the traffic status.
  • Plan stops: Especially for long trips, planning breaks can make the trip less tiring and more enjoyable. Don't underestimate them!

Departures: traffic forecasts heading south on motorways

For those heading towards the south, the time slots to keep under control will mainly be:

  • Friday 29 March: Traffic will start to intensify from early afternoon, with red dot in the afternoon (12:00-18:00). The evening should see a decrease in critical issues.
  • Saturday March 30: The morning will still be characterized by heavy traffic until mid-day, but an easing is expected starting from the afternoon.

Departures: Northbound traffic forecasts on highways

For those traveling north, it is important to consider the following time slots:

  • Friday 29 March: Moderate traffic with yellow dot until 18pm, suggesting a less critical situation than heading south.
  • Saturday March 30: Heavier northbound traffic, especially from 6am to 00pm, with the situation expected to improve in the afternoon.

How to plan your return for Easter and Easter Monday

  • Monday April 1, Easter Monday, very heavy traffic is expected in much of the country, with black dot in the afternoon (12:00-18:00) towards the south and red dot heading north in the morning (06:00-12:00). The evening may see an improvement in conditions with traffic from yellow dot ​​.
  • Tuesday April 2 an intense wave of return to the big cities is expected. The morning will be marked by red dot in both directions until 12:00, while the afternoon will see traffic ease.

Busier roads during the return

The main motorway and state arteries could experience high levels of traffic, in particular:

  • Along the national territory, heavy traffic on the A1 in particular in the stretch from Rome to Naples.
  • In Campania: probable long queues on the Naples ring road, Salerno ring road and the Salerno Reggio Calabria motorway.
  • In Lazio: Grande Raccordo Anulare (GRA) and the A91 Rome-Fiumicino.
  • A Milano: the state road 36 of Lake Como and Spluga.
  • A Torino: the Turin-Caselle motorway junction 10.
  • On long distances: the A2 Autostrada del Mediterraneo, the state road 1 Via Aurelia, and other main arteries of northern and southern Italy.

Tips for a stress-free return

  • Avoid rush hours: Try to return at less crowded times, perhaps in the late morning or late afternoon.
  • Maintain real-time updates: Use navigation apps and listen to local radio for the latest traffic news.
  • Plan alternative routes: Having a plan B can save you from long hours of queuing in case of accidents or road closures.

Traffic bans and restrictions for Easter and Easter Monday

  • Prohibition for heavy vehicles: To facilitate travel during the long weekend, the circulation of heavy vehicles will be limited at certain times. Specifically, the ban will cover vehicles with a mass exceeding 7,5 tonnes and will be active at the following times:
    • Friday 29 March: from 14: 00 to 22: 00
    • Saturday March 30: from 09: 00 to 16: 00
    • Sunday March 31 (Easter): from 09:00 to 22:00
    • Monday April 1 (Easter Monday): from 09:00 to 22:00
    • Tuesday April 2: from 09:00 to 14:00​.
  • Road construction sites: Some regions may decide to temporarily suspend work on the most impressive construction sites to reduce slowdowns, especially on busy roads.
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Written by Gennaro Marchesi
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