Traffic in Naples on 2 September 2018: Ring Road, A1, A3, A16, A30 and Salerno-Reggio Calabria


The main traffic news in Naples for Sunday 2 September 2018 on Tangenziale, A1, A3, A16, A30 and Salerno-Reggio Calabria.

Even today Sunday 2 September 2018 we want to give you information useful on the traffic in Naples and surroundings with news on the TRAFFIC in tangential, A1, A3, A16, A30 e Salerno-Reggio Calabria.

The bulk of the summer exodus is now over, but there may be some other traffic and queue problems for the latest returns, so it is always useful to stay up to date on the road conditions on the main roads.

In our article we provide news on accidents, intense traffic, outgoing and incoming queues, eventual fires o closures of road sections or exits and revenue and others unexpected.

Travelers can thus evaluate whether to continue the path already taken or to change it.

Here are the main ones traffic news in Naples.


No traffic situations are reported.
The Antica Campana Ovest rest area has the catering services closed until 14.00 on 30 September due to roadworks, while the Agnano Est rest area is closed until 15.00 on 31 October, again for roadworks.

Highway A30 - Caserta-Salerno

In the direction of Caserta, 1 km queue between Nola and Bivio A30 / A1 Milan-Naples for congested traffic.

A1 - Naples-Milan motorway

Rain is reported between Frosinone (Km. 623,8) and Capua (Km. 719,8) in both directions from 9.00 hours this morning.
A loss of load at the Rome Sud (Km. 576,3) and Valmontone (Km. 586,5) connection in the direction of Naples from 09.47.
A stationary or broken vehicle was reported in the stretch between Capua (Km. 719,8) and Santa Maria Capua Vetere towards Naples from 09.27.

Highway A16

A vehicle is stationary or damaged in the stretch between Candela (Km. 127,9) and Lacedonia (Km. 111) towards Naples from 10.13.

Highway A3 - Naples-Salerno

At km 21.9 towards Salerno, queue at the Pompei Ovest exit for those coming from Naples due to heavy traffic from around 10.44 am.
There are storms between Cava de 'Tirreni and Salerno from 11.00.

Highway A2 - Salerno-Reggio Calabria

At 3,566 km before the Attilia-Grimaldi junction (285,5 km), an accident was reported in the direction of Fisciano-A30-A02, from 9.00.

To be informed about real-time traffic updates for Sunday 2 September, you can consult the Autostrade per l'Italia site and the site of Automap.

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Written by Fabiana Bianchi
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