Motorways, toll increases expected from July

Highways, tolls

From July 1 2022 there could be more increases for our pockets and this time it's about motorway tolls. In fact, there may be a price increase of 1,5% on the tolls of the entire motorway network and also on the tolls of the sections managed by Autostrada per l'Italia.

The news was only anticipated by the CEO of Autostrade per l'Italia (Aspi), Roberto Tomasi who, during a seminar dedicated to the strengthening of the routes in Tuscany, spoke about the increases and the reasons why they will be necessary.

Tomasi also said that the price increases are still in the preliminary phase and at the moment there is nothing official.

Possible increases for the Naples ring road

This means that the Naples ring road could be involved in these increases, which however are not currently confirmed.

Recall that thethe last increase for the ring road occurred in 2018, in fact the toll has been blocked since then at the figure of 1 €. The price has been locked for 4 years, as well as for all tolls on the motorway network, but things could change soon.

The reasons for the increases

For 4 years the rates have been blocked, but from this summer it will be necessary to proceed with increases. As explained by Roberto Tomasi, the 1,5% increase is justified by thethe significant increase in material costs which can reach up to 30% and in some cases some items have even exceeded this percentage. The increase in the price of materials and energy has soared especially after the war in Ukraine and the motorways are also affected.

To cope with these very important costs, increases are foreseen they will fall on the travelers and which are included in the economic and financial plan.

As already mentioned, it is specified that these increases are not yet official and have not yet been approved.

The reaction of Assoutenti, the Consumer Protection Association

In response to these eventualities, Assoutenti has promised to challenge the documents on the increases given to the Lazio TAR.

Furio Tuzzi, the President of the consumer protection association, spoke of unthinkable idea and specified that motorists already have difficult experiences because the motorway network is full of construction sites, traffic and other criticalities and the rates should even decrease.

An attempt will therefore be made not to implement this hypothesis of increase, by challenging all the necessary acts to protect users.

Photo source: Telepass

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Written by Fabiana Bianchi
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