Pride in Naples, traffic device with closed roads and other prohibitions

Naples Pride

Saturday 2 July 2022 on Naples Pride will animate the streets of the center of Naples with a great procession for the protection of the rights of the LGBTQ + community. This year's theme is "... and what a trick and the departure is scheduled from Piazza Municipio.

After the meeting and the institutional speeches, the procession will move along via Toledo to get to the Lungomare, precisely in via Nazario Sauro.

A temporary traffic device.

The roads closed for Napoli Pride

Here is the ordinance:

  • from 7:30 am until ceased needs are provided:
    • reversal of the direction of travel in via Raffaele de Cesare, with the direction of travel from via Nazario Sauro to via Generale Giordani Orsini;
    • the suspension of the blue stripes and reserved parking areas and prohibition of parking with forced removal, in the hemicycle of via Nazario Sauro in front of via Raffaele de Cesare and in via Nazario Sauro, in the section between the hemicycle and the intersection with via Cesario Consul;
  • from 14 pm and until ceased needs there will be a ban on vehicular transit in via Nazario Sauro between via Raffaele de Cesare and via Cuma;
  • from 16:00 and up to ceased needs, the following are foreseen:
    • the ban on transit in via Partenope, in the stretch between via Dumas Padre and via Raffaele de Cesare, except for vehicles directed to hotels, residents, authorized persons, rescue and emergency vehicles of the police forces;
    • reversal of the direction of travel in via Chiatamone, with the direction of travel from via Santa Lucia at the intersection of the Galleria della Vittoria;
    • the ban on transit in via Ammiraglio Ferdinando Acton, in the lane in the direction of via Cesario Console, except for residents of the Santa Lucia area, rescue and emergency vehicles and law enforcement agencies.
  • from 18:00 until ceased needs there is a ban on transit in the following streets that will gradually be interesting by the procession and, at the same time, the cycle path will be suspended: via Medina, via Monteoliveto, via Santa'Anna dei Lombardi, piazza VII Settembre, via Toledo, piazza Carità, via Cesare Battisti, piazza Matteotti, via Diaz, piazza Municipio, via San Carlo, piazza Trieste e Trento, Via Cesario Console (where the allegorical floats will turn towards Via Acton), via Nazario Sauro.

Photo source: Fanpage

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Written by Fabiana Bianchi
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