Naples Pride, the procession for rights returns: path from the center to the Lungomare and great party

Gay Pride in Naples

In Naples, Saturday July 2 2022 the appointment with the Pride, the event that was born with a specific goal, that is to recognize the rights of LGBTQ + community.

After two years of pandemic, and 26 years after the first demonstration in the Neapolitan city, the associations Antinoo Arcigay Naples, Alfi le Maree and Trans Napoli Associations, they propose again the appointment asking, this time, the support of all other lgbt + associations and all those who want to join the event, in the name of civil, social and human rights.

We remind you that in June there will also be the Vesuvius Pride.

The themes of Pride 2022 in Naples

This year's poster has as its theme "… And what a joke!“, A typical expression of Naples to indicate even an unpredictable chaos and which on this occasion wants to symbolize a condemnation towards all attitudes of discrimination and obstacles against the recognition of rights.

As every year, also for the 2022 edition of Naples Pride, there will be central themes. This time it will manifest itself for the recognition of three rightsThese are:

  • The egalitarian marriage
  • The ius soli
  • The law against homotranslesbophobia

Obviously, it will be one peaceful demonstration who will cross the city in the name of peace and will not miss a moment dedicated to Ukraine, due to the tragic situation of the war.

Napoli Pride 2022 poster

The route of the Pride

Here is the path of the procession from the beginning to the end:

  • the meeting is in Piazza Municipio at 15.00 pm (we remember that the construction sites have recently been dismantled)
  • to 17.00 there will be institutional speeches
  • at 18.00 there will be the departure and you will cross via Toledo and Piazza Plebiscito
  • at 21.00 it arrives on via Nazario Sauro, where one is foreseen big party with artists, music and colors

The evening will be conducted by Teresanna Pugliese and Vito Coppola. Among the guests there will be Valeria marini, Alexia, Maria Mazza, Priscilla, Marco Carta, Vergo, Rosario Miraggio, Virginio, Antonino, Emiliana Cantone, Mr. Hyde, Rico Femiano, Mavi and Bellatrix.

Traffic device

To ensure the smooth running of the Napoli Pride procession, a temporary traffic device which provides for closed roads and other prohibitions.

Information on the Napoli Pride


July 2 2022


From Piazza Municipio to the Lungomare

Working hours:

by 15.00


price quotation


Naples Pride | Facebook page

Image source: La Fune

  • Where: Town Hall Pizza
  • When: Saturday 02 July 2022, from 15pm
  • Price: the event is free
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Written by Serena De Luca
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