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On the occasion of the Naples Pride 2023, which will take place during the day of Saturday 1 July 2023a special has been put in place temporary traffic plan to regulate the flow of city traffic. This plan provides for the establishment of prohibitions and limitations to traffic along various streets, some of which will even be closed to vehicular passage.

These rules will go into effect beginning several hours on July 1, 2023.

From 8:00 and until ceased needs

  • Do not stop with forced removal in Via Enrico Pessina.
  • Suspension of the rest areas regulated tariff without custody (blue stripes) and reserved parking areas in Via Enrico Pessina.

From 15:00 and until ceased needs

a) Prohibition of vehicular transit, with the exception of authorized vehicles, police forces, rescue and emergency vehicles, in the following stretches of road:

  1. Via Enrico Pessina (from Via Broggia to Piazza Dante), Piazza Dante, Via Toledo (from Piazza Dante to Piazza Salvo D'Acquisto), Piazza Salvo D'Acquisto, Via Cesare Battisti, Piazza Matteotti, Via Medina, Piazza Municipio, Via San Carlo, Piazza Trieste e Trento, Piazza del Plebiscito, Via Cesario Console, Via Nazario Sauro, Via Partenope, Via Francesco Caracciolo (from Piazza Vittoria to the confluence with Viale Anton Dohrn), Rotonda Diaz.
  2. Via Monteoliveto, in the direction of Piazza 7 Settembre.
  3. The carriageways of Piazza del Plebiscito in front of the Prefecture building and the Comiliter building.
  4. Via Solitaria, Piazzetta Salazar, rampe Paggeria (excluding residents' vehicles and vehicles bearing the "H" sign with a disabled person on board, which will circulate in alternate one-way traffic).
  5. Avenue Anton Dohrn.
  6. Via Ammiraglio Ferdinando Acton, in the section between the Galleria della Vittoria and Via Cesario Console (excluding residents of the Santa Lucia area).

b) One-way traffic:

  1. Via Chiatamone, from the confluence with Via Santa Lucia to the intersection with the Vittoria gallery.
  2. Piazza Carolina, from the confluence of Via Gennaro Serra to that of Via Chiaia.
  3. Via Chiaia, from Piazza Carolina to Via Gaetano Filangieri.

c) Suspension:

  1. Of the area reserved for parking vehicles used for non-scheduled public transport (taxi) in Via San Carlo and in Piazza Carolina.
  2. Of the cycling route in Via Partenope and in Via Francesco Caracciolo.

d) No parking with forced removal:

  • Via Nazario Sauro, Viale Anton Dohrn and Via Cesario Console.
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