The traditional Maialata 2024 returns to Avellino

Pig to be cut during a festival

Il 25 February marks the return of the annual culinary event “The Pig”, a unique opportunity to celebrate the local gastronomic riches at The Montoro Cellar, renowned for its inclusion in the Slow Food Guide taverns.

The feast of the palate, expertly curated by Antonella and his team, promises to delight participants with dishes that reinterpret tradition through innovative cuisine that respects raw materials.

What do you eat at the festival

La maialata offers a menu that explores culinary tradition with a contemporary touch, celebrating the main ingredient of the event: the pig. The carefully selected dishes include:

  • Antipasto: Manesta Maritata, a dish rich in history and flavour.
  • Primo: Avellino Fusillo with pork rind, sausage and tracchie, which combines artisanal pasta with the intense flavor of its seasonings.
  • Secondo: Caserta black pork ribs lacquered with cherry honey, a dish that blends sweetness and robustness in a perfect balance.
  • Desserts: Fake black pudding, a creative reinterpretation of a classic of the confectionery tradition.

In addition to the main dishes, the event includes water and covered, ensuring a complete and immersive gastronomic experience.

Shows and other activities

The event “The Pig” it is not only an opportunity to appreciate culinary excellence, but also represents a moment of sharing and tradition. Collaboration with The Montoro Cellar, a reality appreciated within the Slow Food Guide, underlines the commitment to offering cuisine that respects the territory and its producers.

Favorable treatment is provided for members, with a special price of 25 Euros instead of 30, excluding wines, demonstrating the importance of community within the event. Furthermore, by communicating during the booking phase, it will be possible to request a menu dedicated to the little ones, thus ensuring an inclusive experience for families and enthusiasts of all ages.

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  • Where: Montoro (AV)
  • When: Sunday February 25 2024
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Written by Andrew Navarro
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