Salemme debuts with Christmas in Casa Cupiello, Naples dates


DaNovember 1st to 10th 2023, the lights of Diana Theater of Naples will be bets on a new version of the famous comedy “Christmas at the Cupiello house” by Eduardo De Filippo. This production marks a particularly exciting moment for Vincenzo Salemme, the acclaimed actor and director who will lead the cast in this enterprising theatrical adventure.

The first in Orvieto

The premiere of the opera took place at the Teatro Mancinelli in Orvieto, where Salemme and his company paid homage to this classic of Italian theatrical literature. Vincenzo Salemme he expressed the feelings of trepidation and enthusiasm that accompanied the realization of the project, calling it an experience that “made his wrists and heart tremble”.

The tribute to Eduardo De Filippo

The reason behind Salemme's decision to stage this play is a deep respect and admiration for Eduardo De Filippo and for his immortal contribution to Italian theatre. Salemme emphasized his desire to honor a legendary figure and the legacy of a work that represents a pillar in the theatrical world.

Vincenzo Salemme he also shared the story of his first meeting with De Filippo, which took place in 1977 in Cinecittà. This event appears to have left an indelible impression on Salemme, shaping his career and strengthening his desire to continue exploring the great master's work.

Last night at the Mancinelli theater in Orvieto we opened the curtain for the first time on Natale in casa Cupiello, directed and performed by me and my stage companions. The public welcomed us with much affection and did not make us feel in any way burdened by the danger of this undertaking which made my wrists and heart tremble. I am happy to have managed, at least last night, to convey to the audience in the room my desire to pay homage to a great man of the theatre, to one of his masterpieces, to an era during which I began to move my first steps in the world of theatre.

In the last part of the interview, Salemme summarized his artistic journey and the reasons that led him to revisit "Natale in casa Cupiello". The director underlined the importance of love and respect for one's roots and for the figures who marked his career, such as Eduardo and Luca De Filippo. A tribute that promises to touch the hearts of the audience, expressing the depth of human emotions through the art of theatre.

  • Where: Diana Theater of Naples
  • When: from Wednesday 01 November 2023 to Friday 10 November 2023
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Written by Andrew Navarro
Image source: Salemme FB page
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