21 strike 2016 October: subway line 2 Naples, Trenitalia and Italo

Strike 21 October 2016 metro line 2 Naples Trenitalia and Italo
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On 21 October 2016 Trenitalia and Italo strike: trains in Campania will undergo changes, including the metro line 2 of Naples.

Friday October 21 2016 also companies Trenitalia, including the Subway 2 Line of Naples, and Italo will join the strike called by the Union of the Base

As a result, even trains in Campania will undergo changes in the service.

Below we indicate all the details of joining the strike by both Trenitalia and Italo.

Recall that they will join the strike too ANM with 1 meter line, buses and funiculars e EAV with cumana, circumvesuviana and MetroCampania.


The FS staff strike will last from 9.01 am to 17.00 pm, so not for 24 hours.

Trenitalia announces that the agitation could lead to others limitations and changes even before and after the strike, in accordance with the provisions of Law 146/1990. We point out, however, that the Frecce will circulate regularly.

On the site you can consult the changes to the service of some trains.
Remember that, in any region, trains are guaranteed: always on the site, it is possible consult the guaranteed trains in Campania.

Metro line 2 Naples

In Naples, the meter 2 line it is part of the Ferrovie dello Stato group and could join the strike. Therefore, some trains may change of schedules, be canceled or suffer severe delays.


Also as regards Italo the strike will not last 24 hours, but rather from 9.01 am to 17.00 pm. To limit the inconvenience of travelers, the company has published the list of guaranteed trains on 21 October.

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