Circumvesuviana strike on 10 January 2022: here are the timetables


Monday January 10 2022 the lines of the Circumvesuviana they will suffer inconveniences, suspensions and delays due to the strike to which EAV adheres. It was launched by the trade union CONF.AIL

This is a strike of 4 hours that will last from hour to hour 18.00 22.00, therefore in the evening, but as always there are guarantee time slots. At the moment no news has been given on a possible strike in Cumana, Circumflegrea, MetroCampania NordEst and lines for Benevento and Piedimonte.

So, here are the latest guaranteed departures. Recall, however, that theANM goes on strike on January 14th.

Circumvesuviana hours

Last departures before the strike:

  • Naples - Torre del Greco via CD 17.50
  • Naples - Sarno 17.40
  • Naples - Baiano 17.38
  • Naples - Sorrento 17.36
  • Naples - Poggiomarino 17.23
  • Sarno - Naples 17.22
  • Torre del Greco via CD - Naples 17.49
  • Sorrento - Naples 17.36
  • Poggiomarino - Naples 17.16
  • Baiano - Naples 17.44

The reasons for the strike

As announced on the official website of the EAV, the strike concerns the professional recognition for DCO staff - Vesuvian lines.

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Written by Fabiana Bianchi
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