Strike by trains and planes on 13 and 15 July: timetables and slots

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A wind of protest is about to blow on the transport sector in Italy. The railway workers have decided to put the tracks on hold, blocking the service for a whole day from 13 to 14 July.

It was later decided to reduce the strike time with a stop of the same at 15:00. Therefore it strike of 14 will not take place.

But they are not alone in this battle: even airport employees they decided to raise their voice, with an eight-hour strike scheduled for July 15th.

The reason for this mobilization?
An employment contract which, surprisingly, it has been hanging for six long years.

The times of the protest of the trade unions

The trade unions involved – Filt-Cgil, Fit-Cisl, Uiltrasporti, Ugl Ferrovieri, Orsa Ferrovie and Fast Confsal – have announced that Trenitalia and Italo personnel will abstain from work from 3 to 15:00 on 13 July.

This decision comes after a first strike that took place on 14 April, which did not lead to a resolution of the reported critical issues.

The demands of the workers and the reasons for the strike

The demands of the workers are clear and articulated:

  • An adequate hiring plan
  • Redistribution of workloads for a better work-life balance
  • Relaunch of the maintenance sector
  • Greater attention to the sales and passenger assistance network
  • Technology investments
  • Training courses for all office staff

The strike of the personnel of the aviation sector

There is also an air of protest in the air sector. Malta Air ground staff and pilots will cross arms from 12 noon to 16pm on 15 July.
This decision was taken following the signing of an agreement considered unsatisfactory for the pilot category, and faced with the lack of dialogue and confrontation on the part of the company.

Strike times

For ease of reference, here is a summary of the times of the strikes:

  • Trenitalia: from 3 to 15 of 13th July
  • Italo: from 3 to 15 of 13th July
  • Airports (ground personnel): from 12 to 16 of July 15th
  • Malta Air (riders): from 12 to 16 of July 15th
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