Strike of April 21, 2023, public transport, school and highways

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A new general strike called by the Base Cub union for Friday 21 April 2023 could cause strong impact on public transport, local and national, throughout Italy.
The protest will concern i workers in all public sectors and individuals adhering to the Basic Unitary Confederation.

Inconvenience is expected for bus, metro and tram of some cities, highways and air transport, while rail transport will be excluded.

Here are the participating sectors:

  • Local transport
    • Bus
    • subways
    • Tram
  • Non-local transport
    • Long-distance coach service
  • Highways
  • Transport aereo
  • School
  • Health

We remember that does not strike all the staff, but only the one adhering to the Cub.

The reasons for the protest: wages, contracts and expenses for the war

Among the reasons for the strike on April 21, 2023, the union indicates

  • il renewal of contracts with arrears,
  • wage increases,
  • theintroduction of the minimum wage
  • la cancellation of increases in utility and energy tariffs.

According to the Cub, the Government is spending billions to fuel a war destructive in Ukraine, taking away resources from wages, cutting public health and impoverishing workers, retirees and the weaker social classes.
public workers"they have starvation wages” and the so-called public post is no longer attractive for young people due to low wages, huge workloads and scarce career opportunities.

School and health sectors involved in the protest

The general strike will also involve i education and health sectors.

As far as the school is concerned, the personnel of the educational services employed by the school are excluded the municipality of Turin.
For healthcare, as required by law, they will still be guaranteed all the minimum essential services foreseen for the sector and, as regards the activities connected to direct assistance to patients, will be given emergency priority and to the care of the most seriously ill and non-dismissable patients.

It is not possible to determine the closure of schools or school activities for individual cities as membership depends on individual teachers.

Guaranteed flights on April 21, 2023 and times of the air strike

Transportation cub joined the general strike on Friday, with possible consequences for air transport. Enac has issued the list of guaranteed flights required by law to carry out essential public services, in addition to state, military, emergency, health, humanitarian and rescue flights.

As for Naples, the guaranteed flights are as follows:


These are the indications on guaranteed flights:

  • All flights are insured which, at the time of the start of the strike, were already underway of preparation
  • All flights they will have are also guaranteed departure scheduled earlier the beginning of abstention which have, however, been delayed
  • All domestic flights are guaranteed e arrival time no later than 30 minutes since the start of the strike
  • Make sure all intercontinental flights arrivals including transits on domestic airports and all outgoing intercontinental flights

Guaranteed bus, metro and tram timetables city by city

During the whole day on Friday, there could be repercussions on local public transport, i.e. on buses, metro and trams.

The warranty ranges are as follows:

  • between the start of service and 08am
  • between the 17: 00 and the 20: 00

At the moment, there is no public transport strike local in the cities of:

  • Rome
  • Milan,
  • Napoli

Major disruptions expected in Reggio Emilia

The city of Reggio Emilia will probably be the one most affected by the strike given that it adds up to that of 24h of SETA called by the trade unions:

  • filter-cgil
  • fit-cisl
  • uil-uil
  • ugl-fna
  • faisa-cisal

The timetables of the SETA strike for urban and extra-urban transport seem to be as follows:

  • 09:00 am - 13:00 am
  • from 15:30 until the end of the service
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