General strike of May 20, stop from transport to school: here are the timetables

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Friday May 20 2022 it is expected national general strike which will involve all sectors, from transport to school to healthcare and both public and private service workers will join.

Even in Naples there will be some inconveniences and a demonstration against the war and in favor of raising wages is planned, organized in Piazza Municipio in the afternoon.

The strike was proclaimed by the Base Unions at the rate of "If not now when" and against "a politics and a war economy" that "cuts wages and rights", but many other trade unions and associations will also join throughout Italy

As mentioned, Naples is also naturally involved and could be at risk the meter line 1 and line 2, le funiculars, buses and trams, while Cumana e Circumvesuviana they will do regular service.

The reasons for the strike

The strike was called to protest against the war economy and the lowering of wages. Trade unions and associations say no to war, stop sending weapons to Ukraine and ask for wages to be raised, social spending, especially considering the fact that, in recent months, inflation has increased a lot, by about 6,7%.

The demonstration in Naples

As anticipated, there will be one in Naples demonstration in Piazza Municipio at 16.30 where the various unions will make their voices heard to protest against the war economy.

The transport strike and service hours

As always, the main inconveniences will be caused by transport. In addition to the metro, buses and trams, there may be problems for those using regional trains, ferries, ships and airplanes. There are time slots for abstention and guarantee.

Air transport strike and Airports

The stop for flights by plane will be for the whole day, so travelers with this type of transport will have great difficulties.

Stop time: from 00:01 to 23:59 on May 20th
Guaranteed bands: from 7: 00 to 10: 00 and the 18: 00 to 21: 00

Strike of ferries and other maritime transport

As for the transport of sea vehicles, also in this case it will be 24 hours.

Stop time:

  • for the major islands: 24 hours starting from 1 hour before the first departure
  • for the smaller islands: from 00: 01 to 23: 59.

So the difference is that for the major islands the strike starts 1 hour before the first departure and will last 24 hours, while for the smaller islands it will affect the whole day of 20 May.

Strike of subways, circumvesuviana, cumana, funiculars, buses and trains

EAV has declared that it does not join the strike, so Cumana, Circumvesuviana, MetroCampania NordEst and trains to and from Piedimonte and Benevento will be regular.

Railways and staff on rail will strike from 21.00 pm on May 19th to 21.00 pm on May 20th. Local transport will follow territorial modalities, but as mentioned EAV does not adhere. Also ANM does not adhere to the strike, so the bus, tram, metro line 1 and funicular service will be regular.

Furthermore, the strike could affect specific metropolitan services such as those of Trenitalia Metro 2 in Naples. In fact, line 2 refers to Ferrovie dello Stato, but there are no confirmations.

Stop time: from 21.00 pm on May 19th to 21.00 pm on May 20th

Ring road strike, motorways and motorway personnel

The strike of the motorways also affects the Naples ring road, since it is the responsibility of Autostrade.

Stop time: from 22pm on May 00th April to 19pm on May 22th

Summary table of transport strike timetables

SectorStart timeEnd timeGuaranteed bands
Planes00:01 am on May 2023:59 am on May 20from 7: 00 to 10: 00 and the 18: 00 to 21: 00
SeasideTransport for major islands:
24 hours starting from 1 hour before the first departure

Transport to smaller islands:
00:01 am on May 20
Ordinary transport:
24 hours starting from 1 hour before the first departure

Transport to smaller islands:
23:59 am on May 20
On Iron21:00 am on May 1921:00 am on May 20
Highways22:00 am on May 1922:00 am on May 20No.

School strike

Also joins the ATA teaching staff, called by Sidl (Italian Workers' Rights Union) for the following reasons:

  • against the Teacher Recruitment Reform;
  • in favor of Technical Assistants who in recent years have carried out extra duties and tasks not adequately recognized economically and professionally;
  • to ask for the Meal Voucher for teachers on duty at lunchtime.

Stop time: all day of April 22nd and all day of April 23rd

Health strike, save essential services

The healthcare personnel, which has also suffered severe repercussions from the pandemic in the past two years.

They are intensive care guaranteed , emergency surgery, as well as emergency health care services, ie first aid, civil protection and essential services.

Stop time: probable inconveniences for the whole day of May 20th.

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