Thursday, January 13, 2022
Serena De Luca

Lungomare di Napoli, yes to the restyling but there is a clash over pedestrianization

On January 12, 2022, a very important meeting was held in Mobility Commission of the Municipality to discuss the restyling project of the Naples waterfront.

There were many opinions in favor of the redevelopment as it had been thought by the previous mayor Luigi De Magistris, and conflicting opinions.

Furthermore, not all opinions also agree on the idea of totally reopen the Lungomare to pedestrianization or to do so only on weekends, as thought by the new mayor Gaetano Manfredi.

The redevelopment project

The project , financed with 13 million from European funds, was presented in 2019, with the mayor Luigi De Magistris, e provides:

  • the replacement of asphalt with lava stone
  • the delineation of two vehicular lanes for the transit of emergency vehicles and authorized vehicles
  • the regulation of areas for bars and restaurants
  • the replacement of lighting systems with energy-saving systems
  • a cycle path
  • the widening of the sidewalk to guarantee parking for pedestrians

The areas affected by the works are: Piazza Vittoria-Borgo Marinari, via Partenope-via Lucilio and away Nazario Sauro.

The conflicting opinions on pedestrianization

At the center of the discussion are the conflicting opinions regarding the total pedestrianization di Via Partenope. In fact, some exponents are in favor, while others offer the green light to cars but only on weekdays and peak times.

The city councilor Nino Simeone therefore proposes an alternative, that is a limited practicability from 07: 00 to 10: 00 and from 16: 00 to 19: 00, And a Limited traffic zone with telematic gates.

The commissioner also expressed himself on this topic Edoardo Cosenza, here are his words:

I too hope for the total pedestrianization of the seafront, but this can only happen by enhancing public transport and parking. Furthermore, via Partenope must always be open in case of emergencies, even on weather alert days.

In short, the redevelopment works will have to begin, under penalty of loss of funds, therefore we just have to wait for the decisions that will be taken regarding the total or partial pedestrianization of the Naples seafront.

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