Circumvesuviana San Giorgio a Cremano station: news for travelers with visual impairments

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Circumvesuviana station of San Giorgio a Cremano in Naples: here are the ways in which passengers with visual impairments can travel!

At the San Giorgio a Cremano station, in Naples, works are currently underway for the reconstruction of the loges route, or Guideline Guidance And Safety, a specific path for blind or visually impaired people characterized by particular raised surfaces.

Therefore, to ensure the mobility of passengers with visual impairments during this period, some measures have been adopted provisional guidelines. 

Guidelines for the mobility of travelers with visual impairments

Here are the replacement methods to guarantee travelers visually impaired or blind to be able to travel to the San Giorgio a Cremano station:

The departure f

In the case of departure from the station of San Giorgio a Cremano, the traveler must contact the staff present at the ticket office, who must temporarily leave the ticket office which will then be declared out of service and accompany the person with visual disabilities on the platform where the train requested by him is expected to arrive.

The arrival 

In case of arrival at San Giorgio a Cremano station of a traveler with a visual disability coming from station / stop attended, the passenger must contact the ticket office of the departure station indicating the train from which he will get off at the station of San Giorgio a Cremano. The staff will then inform the stationmaster of San Giorgio who will place the ticket office temporarily out of service to reach the sidewalk where the visually impaired traveler is expected to arrive, accompanying him to the exit.

Instead in the case of arrival at the San Giorgio a Cremano station of the non-selling traveler coming from a station / stop not attended, he himself will notify the conductor expressing his will to get off at the San Giorgio station. The train conductor will then notify the stationmaster of San Giorgio a Cremano, reporting the train on which the passenger in question travels, who will then be accompanied to the exit of the station.

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