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The best sfogliatelle in Naples

Riccia or Frolla? Whatever the choice, the Neapolitan sfogliatella is always a greedy goodness! Here's where to find the best!

La sfogliatella is the icon of Neapolitan pastry art ea Napoli there are some patisseries in which to find the best.

Surely you can not think of going to Naples without being able to taste the Neapolitan sfogliatella, to savor at any time of the day: for breakfast with coffee or cappuccino, after lunch to sweeten the palate or as a dessert after dinner. One rule: the sfogliatella must be enjoyed hot or piping hot!

Of sfoglietelle there are two variants: the "riccia" sfogliatella, prepared with puff pastry, crunchy and filled with semolina, ricotta, candied fruit, milk, eggs and sugar; the sfogliaetella "frolla" in which the ingredients are enclosed in a soft shortcrust pastry dough.

Today in Naples curly and original frolle, those "artfully", are served in some confectioneries, deemed the "sacred monsters" of the sfogliatella. Here, then, are the places where you can taste the best sfogliatella in town.



For over a century, the Ferrieri family has been a master of Neapolitan art of confectionery and in their historic workshop in Piazza Garibaldi delighted tourists and patrons. In addition to traditional sfogliatelle, shortcrust and curly, the master confectioner Ferrieri presented a new dessert: the sfogliacampanella, a perfect cross between the sfogliatella and Baba. Apparently it is a curly puff pastry that hides a baba mignon wrapped in a mantle of melted chocolate, white or dark and closed by a layer of ricotta.Da try!


economic +081 554 0165 Piazza Garibaldi, 82



All the lovers of the sfogliatella know the Antico Forno of the Hot Sfogliatelle Fratelli Attanasio. It is not difficult to find it, just follow the scent trail that pervades the streets of the Central Station in Piazza Garibaldi. The small restaurant is a take-away bakery, famous for itsirresistible crunchiness of curly and for the friability of the pastry always served freshly baked.
The stuffings are excellent, abundant, tasty, fragrant with cinnamon and delicate "To melt in your mouth".
Prices are definitely cheap, even if the wait can be prolonged, given the large number of customers. Attanasio sfogliatella "generates dependency" and is considered among the best in Naples, where tradition and originality have remained unchanged over the years.


economic 081 285675 Vico Railway 1 / 2 / 3 / 4



"Who says Pintauro says Sfogliatella", in fact right here, was born the famous delicacy made in Naples. The patisserie boasts the original sfogliatella, the one with the capital S, famous all over the world. Years later Pintauro has never denied: his pastry is incomparable, the pastry crispy at the right point, the filling rich, fragrant, soft and the prices are in the norm. Both frolle and ricce are served hot and hot sprinkled with icing sugar, a necessary rite to appreciate the supreme goodness at 360 °.
Become a real tourist stop, the small pastry is always crowded of citizens and tourists, stunned by the scent of "hot hot" sfogliatelle and with taste buds in turmoil.


economic 081 417339 Via Toledo, 275

Photo credit: Dora Sorrentino


Sfogliatella Mary

The famous pastry shop, located at the entrance to the Galleria Umberto, looks like a small one bench with exposed window. A casket that contains "a treasure" of sfogliatelle. Ricci and frolle, the sweet delicacies, are known for their crunchy and light sheets with generous and well-balanced fillings. Serve still steaming, Mary's sfogliatelle are one soft explosion of aromas and flavors: orange, ricotta, cinnamon and candied fruit, a true "emotion for the palate".
Prices are slightly above average, but the quality and freshness of the ingredients fully justify them. The sweet take away boasts a lot of affluence at all hours of the day, a wait that, according to the customers, "it is worth living".


economic 081 402218 Via Toledo, 66



Historical Sicilian pastry transplanted in Naples in 1925 in the hilly part of the city of Naples that for generations is a reference point for confectionery processing. The Bellavia family has separated in various branches, those preferring Rione Alto, those who prefer to open a chocolate shop. Surely the desserts are very light and tasty and the crowd that fills the place every hour is the most tangible proof. Breakfast with coffee and sfogliatella is now one of the many little rituals of the Neapolitan hill areas.


economic +081 546 3298 via Fragnito 82, Naples



The curly and frolla sfogliatelle of Carraturo are so good and renowned to be ordered all over Italy and abroad. The famous pastry shop, located near Porta Capuana, is the perfect combination between taste and tradition, thanks to hot, flawless, practically perfect puffs, with a particularly delicate consistency of the puff pastry and creamy fillings, fragrant, tasty and of excellent quality.
Prices fall within the norm and the small restaurant, since the early hours of the morning, is full of customers, especially on Sundays, the traditional day of "pasta". For the Neapolitans, the master pastry chefs of Carraturo, and their sfogliatelle, represent a real heritage for the city, an inestimable fortune to boast all over the world.


economic +081 554 5364 Via Casanova, 97, Naples


Hearts of sfogliatella

Brand born from the genius and talent of the master Ferrieri who decided to innovate the concept of the curly sfogliatella proposing alternative fillings. The current slogan of the restaurant is "One single sheet, many hearts”And in fact the flavors currently available are more than 25 between sweet and savory among which the fillings with dried cod and shredded buffalo, or among the sweet ones to pear or alle almonds. There are no shortage of versions gluten free e Vegan.


economic 081 285685 Novara 1 course



Very famous historic Neapolitan pastry shop where the greatest Neapolitan artists of the caliber of Totò or De Filippo stopped to enjoy coffee with the babà. Another specialty is obviously the sfogliatella prepared with a very light ricotta and perhaps slightly less sweet than that of other pastry shops. This is where the ministerial chocolate to taste in the miniature format, the big size is likely to stew. It's always very crowded but it's just a demonstration of the quality of the desserts. Slightly higher prices.


economic +081 551 7031 Piazza San Domenico Maggiore 19


Pastry Madonna in Capodichino

This bakery is located in Capodichino, not far from the airport and is perfect if you want to bring with you a tasting of Neapolitan pastry thanks to the supplied packaging that allows the safe transport of even the most creamy desserts. Traditional sweets like the delicious ones puffs but also innovative desserts that expertly combine different traditional preparations such as "Vesuvio", The union of a sfogliatella and a babà or the zeppola al babà, reinterpretation of the traditional dessert of Father's Day, choux pastry fried in boiling oil filled with a Neapolitan baba and garnished with cream and chocolate.


economic +081 751 1837 Via Cupa Carbone, 44


Sirica Pastry

A true institution for San Giorgio a Cremano and also highly appreciated in Naples, the Pasticceria Sirica has been one of the centers of excellence of traditional Neapolitan pastry. Splendid sfogliatelle, babà and mini capresi all cooked with high quality ingredients strictly 0 km. Not only Neapolitan pastry but also international rotisserie and pastry, with Bavarian cakes and pies. A little curiosity: the Sirica confectionery is the patisserie of the Calcio Napoli team and the Circolo Cannottieri.


economic 0812551672 Via Francesco Cappiello, 55, San Giorgio a Cremano

The story of the sfogliatella

Like the most famous desserts, the sfogliatella was also born by chance. Legend has it that about 400 years ago, in Convent of Santarosa on the Amalfi Coast, a nun, not to throw advanced semolina, she created a filling by mixing it with dried fruit, sugar and liqueur.

A filling that inserted into a leafy wrapper, based on lard and white wine and to which it gave the shape of a hood. The freshly baked cake, with its incomparable perfume and taste, was baptized Sfogliatella Santarosa, which, over time, was enriched with sour cherries, custard and ricotta.

The recipe ended up in the hands of the Neapolitan Pintauro, who introduced it into the city by slightly changing the ingredients. Thus the Sfogliatella made in Naples was born handed down until today, filled with semolina, eggs, ricotta, candied fruit, milk and sugar; in the classic "curly", of puff pastry, and in the version "Pastry" prepared with shortcrust pastry.