Un Posto al Sole on March 18th, Manuela in chaos: it's her fault!

Niko and Manuela UPAS

Fans of A Place in the Sun, have you recovered from the flood of emotions experienced just before the weekend break? We hope so, also because the previews for what will be the next episodes predict moments truly full of pathos. And we'll get off to a great start with tonight's episode, Monday 18 March 2024. Putting Rossella's story aside for a moment, the great protagonist will be another girl, Manuela.

There will be trouble for her too: It's his fault if Irene started using the smartphone of Serena secretly and she knows it well! Trouble also for Mariella and Guido.. An episode that was anything but peaceful. Ready to find out more?

Manuela feels guilty for Irene in Un Posto al Sole

Endless feelings of guilt for Manuela who, very soon, will have to deal with the consequences of his choices. Serena and Filippo, in fact, have discovered what was at the basis of little Irene's increasingly strange attitudes. The little girl started following the advice of a creator on social media and, for this reason, she has become increasingly intractable and detached. The two they will try in every way to make their daughter understand all the risks that hide on the web But that is not all. Will they be able to understand how Irene got to this point?

I The Sartori couple will want to understand, first of all, how the little girl managed to connect the smartphone to the Wi-Fi independently and to use the smartphone so easily. They don't know the truth but they will be close to knowing it, in our opinion, when they Manuela will find out about all the chaos happened due to the smartphone affair. The twin he will know full well that it is all his fault because she herself allowed her niece to get into this mess. But will she ever have the courage to confess it? For the moment he will decide to remain silent...

Trouble ahead for Mariella and Guido!

Mariella's attitudes towards Guido, in recent times, have made many turn up their noses a bit. After Del Bue's illness which, however, caused fear in the altieri of losing forever the man who is still the man of her life, things have changed dramatically. The woman is become far too clingy and caring.

We'll see in tonight's episode of Un Posto al Sole I drive slightly suffocated from all this attention and we will also see it try in every way to get rid of his wife. New air of tension begins to breathe and it will be necessary, at this point, to stop and reflect try to find serenity again of a couple that now seems lost. Will they succeed? Or will their union be destined to founder under the weight of these behaviors?

We'll find out very soon! Meanwhile, inside the our dedicated article, you will be able to find out in detail what will happen next UPAS until March 22, 2024.

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Written by Patricia Maimone
Image source: Facebook @Upaspoiler: A Place in the Sun spoilers and previews
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