Un Posto al Sole on March 21st, Diego crushes Marina and Roberto?

Raffaele and Diego A place in the sun

Fans of A Place in the Sun make yourselves comfortable! Tonight's episode Thursday 21 March 2024, will have a lot to say and promises to pave the way for entirely new dynamics in the plot. These will concern first of all Marina and Roberto who may soon realize that they are really in trouble and that it could be Diego who gets them into trouble. But how?

In front of one Clara is increasingly nervous, Alberto will look for new accommodation. While things won't work out between Guido and Mariella, to Cerri the time will come for a meeting which could really change his life. What will happen? Let's find out!

Un Posto al Sole changes face, Marina and Roberto in check?

What did you think when you saw it in yesterday's episode Marina and Robert make an incredible concession to Ida regarding her father? Certainly, if you know their past, you will not have remotely attributed everything to a good deed. And in reality Ferri himself admitted it: allow Ida's father to come to the palace visiting her daughter and grandson is simply a way to keep the young girl happy!

Too bad that, in all this, the two spouses could soon realize you have a big problem to solve. Diego will be the one to put them in difficulty with a move that we will know very soon and which will turn the whole situation around forcing Marina and Roberto to defend themselves.

Clara increasingly nervous, Mariella cornered

Clara is pregnant of a son of Eduardo who, however, still doesn't know whether to keep or not. A very difficult situation to sustain and carry forward especially in view of a truly complicated obstacle to stem: communicate the whole truth to Alberto. Surely, knowing him, he will go in a rage. Clara will be afraid of her reaction even if he, unaware of everything, will continue to look for a suitable home for him. An apparent calm about her, destined to transform very soon!

Space, in this episode of Un Posto al Sole, also for Mariella and Guido. Del Bue just won't be able to forgive his wife for the attitudes towards him shortly before the illness that struck him. This is why he will always be cold and Mariella will become aware that something has changed! Sasafinally, it will make a very pleasant meeting at Caffè Vulcano. The man he will run into Luciano, whose company he will greatly appreciate. Love at first sight?

We'll find out very soon! In the meantime, in our dedicated article, you will be able to find the tastiest previews regarding the episodes of UPAS on air until March 29, 2024. Curious?

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Written by Patricia Maimone
Image source: Facebook @Upaspoiler: A Place in the Sun spoilers and previews
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