Un Posto al Sole on March 22nd, Alberto discovers everything: what a drama!

Alberto enraged in Un Posto al Sole

Last weekly appointment with A Place in the Sun tonight, Friday 22 March 2024. The previews predict an episode full of twists and turns, some of which will be truly dramatic. To a substantially lighter mood for the Del Bue couple, still in crisis, and for Rosa and Manuel ready to return home, a truth will shock Alberto Palladini who will go on a rampage. What will happen? Here are all the details.

Alberto learns that Clara is pregnant, the reaction is furious

Clara is expecting a child with Eduardo: having discovered that she was pregnant, as we saw, literally shocked her. An unexpected event which, if carried forward, will be destined to turn her life upside down. After Sabbiese, now for her the time will come to face Alberto. The lawyer, up to this moment, has always been convinced that he can recover a relationship with his ex and that he will soon be able to return to being a family.

What a shock when she finds out about the pregnancy! An obstacle that is too big that it will be impossible to simply stem. Palladini will fly into a rage and he will literally lose control in front of a Curcio completely incapable of understanding what to do and how to manage this complicated situation.

A new love story in A Place in the Sun?

After a few days of staying at Palazzo Palladini, for Rosa and Manuel it will be time to return home. A moment that the little Manuel would like to postpone with pleasure since he will not be able to easily detach himself from that new reality in which, unexpectedly, he even has found a new friendship, the one with Luca. Rosa, however, will be adamant: we must return home because the battle to defend it is far from over.

In all this chaos, for Sasà it seems the butterflies in his stomach will soon return. Things with Castrese are not going well at all the meeting with Luciano, at Caffè Vulcano, shook him deeply. The two will discover, by deepening their knowledge, that they have a lot of things in common. Is a new love story upon us? One thing is certain: the attitudes of both will make us smile more! And Sasa's friends? For the Del Bue spouses it will still be a deep crisis! Will they get out of it?

A weekend of anticipation coming up. If you are curious to find out how it will end, in our dedicated article you will find the main previews of what will happen in Un Posto al Sole until March 29, 2024.

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Written by Patricia Maimone
Image source: Facebook @Upaspoiler: A Place in the Sun spoilers and previews
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