Un Posto al Sole on March 25th, Antonio and Damiano amaze everyone!

Damiano, Antonio and Viola from Un Posto al Sole

After the weekend break, A Place in the Sun will return with an unpublished episode that promises to be full of twists and turns. The first one will certainly concern Antonio and Damiano who will have an increasingly complicit relationship which will lead to particular implications of the entire plot. We will see, then, Alberto puts more and more pressure on Clara while the emotion of a new love will soon upset Sasa's heart.

Surprise in Un Posto al Sole, Antonio accomplice of Damiano?

Although it is not always all roses and flowers as they would have hoped at the beginning, Viola and Damiano will continue their relationship. Something, however, will come to give a profound shock to their relationship. AntonioIn fact, he will no longer feel any resentment towards Damiano and will, for this reason, begin to create with him a good relationship consequently improving more and more the relationship with the mother, previously in the balance.

Un almost radical change is it will create a state of anxiety and tension in another of the protagonists of Un Posto al Sole. We're talking about Eugenio who will feel increasingly left aside and this time he will be the one to start feeling resentment towards his ex-wife again. How will he best deal with it? Will he be able to move on permanently and find her serenity outside of a marriage that is now over?

Alberto is ruthless with Clara, Sasà is finally happy

Having known that Clara is pregnant with Eduardo's child he created a real shock in Alberto. The lawyer Palladini will not be able to believe it and, for this reason, will continue to be extremely ruthless towards his ex-partner. Curcio, among other things, will be increasingly indecisive: what will you do with this pregnancy? Will she keep the baby or decide to have an abortion? Attention: someone could help you clarify your heart!

In a decidedly lighter mood, we will see the story continue pleasant acquaintance between Sasà and Luciano. After the problems with Castrese which caused him many problems, a glimmer of peace will seem to have returned for Cerruti. His complicity with Luciano, among other things, will be evident in the eyes of those who watch them, and therefore also in ours. Is a new love story being born?

We'll find out very soon! In the meantime, if you are curious, you can find in our dedicated article the plots of Un Posto al Sole until March 29, 2024.

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Written by Patricia Maimone
Image source: Facebook @Upaspoiler: A Place in the Sun spoilers and previews
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