Shock men and women: Roberta goes out with Alessandro. The details

Roberta in the study of Men and Women

Big twist a Men and women during the registration last January 31, 2024. Apparently, in fact, Roberta Di Padua has decided to give in, once again, to the courtship of Alexander Proximity. The two, after a kiss at the study center, they chose to give each other a second chance exiting the program and trying to live the relationship off camera. There was no shortage of reactions from some of the ladies in the audience. Am I for or against the new couple? And how did things go?

Men and Women, Alessandro and Roberto new couple

That something strong has always linked Roberta Di Padua to Alessandro Vicinanza is clear to all fans of Men and Women. The confirmation was, again, in registration dated January 31, 2024. An episode that It hasn't aired yet but about which we know something truly incredible.

According to leaked previews, between the two boys there was a very romantic dance at the study center. A moment in which they appeared particularly involved, to the point that Gianni Sperti advised them to really try to live outside. At this point the first twist: A kiss will take place between Alessandro and Roberta truly unexpected, perhaps heralded by a change in the lady towards the boy.

After the kiss the sensational decision. Alessandro and Roberta have decided to leave the program Together. A truly incredible choice, especially considering the fact that less than 24 hours earlier Di Padua hadn't even wanted to grant exclusivity to Vicinanza. Why this sudden change? We don't know, the fact is that life outside the cameras has already begun for the two.

Alessandro and Roberta leave the studio together, the reactions of some ladies

The choice of Alessandro and Roberta surprised everyone. The reactions, naturally, there was no shortage of them and despite an initial sense of disturbance, several expressed their considerations. In particular, those who exposed themselves in this sense were two ladies of the parterre who commented on what happened on social media.

Emanuela Malavisi (recently protagonist of a story with Marco Antonio and an outing with Vicinanza) it is said happy for them though defines Alessandro as a man still in the grip of a very strong confusion regarding his future. These are the reasons why, in his opinion, soon we'll see them again in the studio.

He also spoke about it Valentina Autiero, today no longer in the program but among the most loved ladies of the past. The woman said she was surprised and in any case annoyed by Roberta's choice and Alessandro's non-seriousness. These are his words:

Roberta and I are friends but in her place I would never have gone back.

And about Alessandro he says:

He's not a serious person!

That said, when the choice goes live we expect new comments and new reactions. Since, anyway, it is Once a new couple is born, one can only wish them the best, hoping that it lasts and resists the changes of daily reality. We'll see!

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