VajontS 23, culture and information events on the Vajont disaster

Vajonts solos event

Innovative approaches to understanding the world often emerge in the union between science and art. The Casa del Contemporaneo intends to bring the public closer to the Vajont disaster through an event that combines these two areas in a stimulating and educational dialogue.

The initiative is not only a moment of commemoration, but represents a multigenerational educational commitment.

What happened in the Vajont disaster

Before delving into the details of the event, it is essential to remember the tragedy that started it all. In 1963, a massive landslide hit the Vajont Dam, causing a devastating wave that destroyed several communities and caused approximately 2000 victims.

A historical fact that represents a serious warning about the importance of respect for the environment and prevention.

The project

Human emotions and science will meet on stage thanks to the direction of Rosario Sparno, which he will stage three stage readings. The objective is clear: to show that the environmental awareness can emerge from the fusion of emotion and scientific knowledge.

How the event is organised

The Casa del Contemporaneo will bring the event to life on the evening of October 9th, with four locations that will light up their stages simultaneously. It is not just a representation: it is a choir of voices that rises so as not to forget. This initiative was started Marco Paolini, thirty years after his famous show on the Vajont.

The locations of the event

The heart of the event will be represented by four rooms of the Casa del Contemporaneo, spaces that become places of cultural aggregation and reflection. But the project also extends beyond these boundaries, involving other important structures.

Here are the locations:

  • Solo Room of the Casa del Contemporaneo
  • Ghirelli Theater of the Casa del Contemporaneo
  • Karol Theater of the Contemporary House
  • Theater of the Little
  • Nest of San Giovanni a Teduccio
  • Vittorio Emanuele Municipal Theater of Benevento
  • Eidos Theater of San Giorgio del Sannio

Events for the little ones

The education of the new generations represents a crucial point of this project. At the Teatro dei Piccoli starting from 19: 00, a specialized group will dedicate itself to around 80 students, with the aim of educating them on environmental issues through a playful and participatory approach.

  • Where: Napoli
  • When: Monday 09 October 2023, from 21 pm
  • Price: the event is free
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Written by Gennaro Marchesi
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