The Santa Claus Village in Salerno for the 2016/2017 Artist Lights

the village of santa claus in salerno
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On the occasion of the Luci d'Artista 2016/2017 in Salerno there will also be the Santa Claus Village with games, music and dances!

Il Santa's Village it will be in the heart of Salerno from 25 November 2016 to 8 January 2017. On the occasion of the Luci d'Artista, the new attraction is added to the sand cribs, the hundreds of installations and the Ferris wheel.

The house of Santa Claus will rise just one kilometer from the latter. It will be recreated a real village with all its inhabitants, a place where even objects come to life in a magical atmosphere. Big and small will be involved in spells, dances and songs in the numerous themed areas.

You want to know how toys are made to be delivered to good children? They will take care of it Elfi, ready to lead you to discover the village and Santa Claus.

For the visit of school groups there is the Santa Claus Village Card which entitles, together with the entrance ticket, also to thetribute of a non-alcoholic drink and, optionally, a little pizza, a pack of pop corn or cotton candy.

The tour in the village

The house of Santa Claus will be rebuilt in the spaces of the Antica Fornace and will be the main attraction of the Village. For children there is a 15-minute path that will lead them to the magic cave, at the secret laboratory, at Santa's reindeer, at the salon of magic and the Santa's room. There are sets of great visual impact with light and sound effects and children will be accompanied by a butler to discover many fantastic characters. The tour will end with the meeting with Santa Claus and the dispatch of the letter, after having also visited the Elven's laboratory, busy building toys.

Information on the Santa Claus Village in Salerno

When: from 25 November 2016 to 8 January 2017

Where: Parco dell'Irno (ex Salid), Salerno

Opening hours:

Except for the November 25, the December 24 and the December 31:

  • Morning: 10: 00 / 13: 00
  • Afternoon / Evening: 17: 00 / 00: 00

The 25 November 2016:

  • Open only in the evening from 17pm to midnight

The 24 December 2016:

  • Uninterrupted opening from 10: 00 to 18: 00

The 31 December 2016:

  • Morning: 10: 00 / 13: 00
  • Afternoon / Evening: 17: 00 / 23: 00

Warning: on some days the stands may close at 22: 00.

Pricing: adults 5 € | children 4 € | free admission for disabled children

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