Vinicio Capossela in concert at the San Carlo Theater in Naples with Ballads for Men and Beasts

Vinicio Capossela
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High-level music at the San Carlo Theater in Naples with the Vinicio Capossela concert, Ballads for Men and Beasts.

Il San Carlo Theater a Napoli he is used to great culture and Vinicio Caposella il 21 October with its Ballads for Men and Beasts it will not betray the aspirations of all those who love culture. It is necessary to note how the performance of the singer-songwriter and writer of Irpinia origins also this time has a very important cultural reference of medieval Italian literature, the Decameron, but “used” as a vivid metaphor of current times.

in Ballads for Men and Beasts of Vinicio Caposella the plague is affecting all spreading in a real pandemic, but in this case we are not talking about the disease transmitted by the rat flea, but of a moral plague, ethics and language. These transformations are also taking place due to the change that technology imposes on us.

The San Carlo Theater in Naples, therefore, the 21 October will bring a great cultural evening with excellent music created not only as a moment of leisure, but also to offer users of his art a way to read how we are slowly evolving our world .

Information on the Vinicio Capossela concert

Where: Teatro di San Carlo, Naples

When: 21 October 2019

Timetable: from 21: 15


  • Poltronissima 79,24
  • Armchair 79,24
  • Stage I and II central row 73,14
  • Stage I and II side row 60,95
  • Stage III and IV row central 48,79
  • Stage III and IV row side 36,57
  • Balcony V and VI 30,48 row

For information and registration: Facebook event| 0817972331 / 421 | ticket office @ | San Carlo Theater site

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