The Teatro di San Carlo in Naples reopens after the restoration work

Photo of the interior of the San Carlo theater
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The famous San Carlo Theater of Naples will reopen its doors to the public on 6 April 2023, after completing the restoration work which required an investment of 10 million euros and 87 days of work.

Il theater superintendent, Stéphane Lissner, he expressed his pride for the completion of the work during a press conference, underlining that the scheduled times have been respected.

Il restoration affected various aspects of the theater, including the canvas of ceiling painted by Cammarano, stage real, the parquet of the hall, the boarding of the stage and some impianti.

 The San Carlo Theater shines again!

The press conference for the conclusion of the restoration works of the Teatro di San Carlo was held today. The Minister of Culture Gennaro Sangiuliano, the President of the San Carlo Theater Foundation and the Mayor of Naples Gaetano Manfredi, the Superintendent of the San Carlo Theater Stéphane Lissner, the Regional Secretary Director MiC Campania Teresa Elena Cinquantaquattro, the Regional Secretary MiC Campania Almerinda Padricelli and the director of works Francesca Brancaccio.
After only 87 days of work, the San Carlo theater is ready to welcome you back in all its splendour!

The minister of culture and the mayor of Naples

Il Minister of Culture, Gennaro Sangiuliano, reiterated the importance of the Teatro di San Carlo for the city of Naples, emphasizing that it is necessary to cultivate the historical legacy of the theater and develop its potential.

While the mayor of Naples, Gaetano Manfredi, ha praised the completion of the works on schedule, emphasizing the importance of the interventions aesthetic and functional, such as the renovation of systems for comfort and energy savings. Manfredi also stated that the period of suspension of the activities at the San Carlo was important and that the experiment of moving the shows to the theatre politeama may be repeated in the future.

Therefore, the Teatro San Carlo will reopen to the public on 6 April 2023.

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