Guided tour Four steps to Mergellina between myth and legend

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The SciòNapoli Cultural Association organized a guided tour entitled Quattro passi a Mergellina

Walk to Mergellina?

The SciòNapoli Cultural Association organized Sunday, November 23 a guided tour entitled Four steps to Mergellina which will start from the small church of Santa Maria del Parto until reaching the green Parco Vergiliano of Piedigrotta. Here we will talk about San Gennaro, the first profane saint, as well as the patron saint of the city.

It will be like traveling over time on a carpet of words, between myth, legends and historical facts set in the enchanting area of ​​the promenade that gives visitors an almost stendhalian view, to lose their senses
We will admire the buildings that are the fruit of the skill of the Roman engineers, you will discover the ancient popular vivacity attached to traditions and we will illustrate the religiosity of the fishermen who trusted in divine help to make the fishing abundant.

For those wishing to participate, the meeting point will be the   Mergellina Funicular - Via Mergellina (please get 10 minutes before).

Information on the guided tour Four steps to Mergellina

When: November 23, 2014
Where: departure from the Mergellina funicular

  • non-member organizational contribution: € 6,00 (Fee inclusive of registration);
  • organizational contribution for members: € 5,00;
  • over 14 (up to 18 years) - over 65 - students: € 5,00;
  • under 14: free.

 Info and reservations: 3333370769 - 3487333581 - 3271585555 -

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