Free guided tours to the tomb of Leopardi: in the Virgilio Park in Naples between history and myth

Crypta Neapolitan at the Parco di Virgilio in Naples
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Two free guided tours in the Virgilio Park in Naples to discover the tomb of Leopardi and the Crypta Neapolitana!

The November 4 and the 2 December 2017 there are in Naples two exceptional events to mark on the calendar. Two Free guided tours in fact they will lead to the discovery of the Virgilio Park, next to the Mergellina station.

This little Neapolitan oasis, little known, preserves precious testimonies of different eras. The director of the park, Fernanda Capobianco, will be the guide. You will be able to admire the tomb of Leopardi, died in Naples in the 1838, e the cenotaph of Virgil, where the poet is believed to have been buried.

We will also go to the discovery of the Crypta Neapolitana, augustea gallery which connected Mergellina to the area of ​​Fuorigrotta, and theAragonese newsstand of the 1668, built by the then viceroy Pietro. During the walk, between history and myth, explanations will also be given on the rich vegetation of the park.

Among the species present, mentioned by Virgil, there are the myrtle, the acanthus and the majestic cypresses. The visit will last about an hour. It is recommended to wear comfortable shoes and clothes.

Information on guided tours of the Virgilio Park

When: 4 November and 2 December 2017

Where: Parco Vergiliano, Salita della Grotta, Naples

Working hours:: at 11.00

Prices: admission and free visit

Info: Museum pole of the Campania region | Facebook event | Facebook page of the Park and Tomb of Virgil

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