ZOOrassic Park at the Naples Zoo with many life-size dinosaurs

Dinosaur at the Naples Zoo
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The ZOOrassic Park returns to the Naples Zoo with dozens of life-size and animated dinosaurs!

I dinosaurs return to the Naples Zoo from 29 August and they will stay until November 30 2020 to the delight of adults and children.

ZOOOrassic Park, as the area of ​​the zoo with the park dedicated to dinosaurs is called, had already been set up a few months ago, before the lockdown, and had been a great success, especially among the little ones.

The Dinosaur Park at the Zoo

At the end of August, therefore, he returns with his family many life-size specimens, with many surprises that will make us travel millions of years back in time.

With the same ticket purchased to visit the zoo, you can also have access to the ZOOrassic Park which includes dozens of models and also some specimens in animatronics, therefore animated just like in cartoons and interacting with those who approach it.

A nice opportunity to have fun in this Zoological Garden where they live about 600 animals ed over 100 plant species in more than 100.000 square meters.

Information about ZOOrassic Park

When: from 29 August to 30 November 2020

Where: Naples Zoo, Via John Fitzgerald Kennedy 76

Hours: 9: 30-17: 00


  • single ticket for the Zoo and the ZOOrassic Park
  • under 3 and over 70 free
  • 4-10 years 10 euro
  • whole 15 euro

Info: Zoo Facebook page | Zoo site

Photo source: Zoo di Napoli Facebook page

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