Free museums in Naples on April 25: here is the list of open sites

Pompeii, Italy

On the occasion of the celebration of Liberation Day, Tuesday April 25 2023 in Naples all state museums and archaeological areas will be open to visitors with a special free entry.

An opportunity not to be missed to visit some of the most beautiful places of culture in our city and beyond, because you can also visit the monuments, the museums, gallery, gardens and state parks in Campania. Below is a list of some of the areas that can be visited for free.

Free places of culture for April 25th

Naples and the province of Naples

  • Gallery of Italy, Palazzo Piacentini, Via Toledo
  • Mother Museum
  • Museum of Capodimonte
  • National Archaeological Museum of Naples
  • Royal Palace of Naples
  • Castel Sant'Elmo and the Museum of the Twentieth Century
  • Certosa di San Martino Museum
  • Duca di Martina Ceramics Museum in Villa Floridiana
  • Museo Diego Aragona Pignatelli Cortes and Carriage Museum
  • Submerged Archaeological Park of Gaiola
  • Virgilio Park and Tomb
  • Certosa di San Giacomo
  • Villa Jovis Tiberio in Capri
  • Pompeii Archaeological Park
  • Ercolano Archaeological Park


  • Royal Palace of Caserta, Royal Palace and Royal Park
  • Roman Theater of Teanum Sidicinum
  • Campano Amphitheater
  • Archaeological Museum of Ancient Allifae
  • Archaeological Museum of Teanum Sidicinum
  • Archaeological Museum of ancient Capua and Mitreo
  • Archaeological Museum of Calatia


  • Archaeological Park of Paestum and Velia
  • Charterhouse of St. Lawrence
  • San Pietro a Corte monumental complex
  • National Archaeological Museum of Volcei "Marcello Gigante"
  • National Archaeological Museum of Pontecagnano
  • Museo Archeologico di Eboli


  • Archaeological area of ​​the Italic Temple of Casalbore
  • Archaeological area of ​​Conza
  • Civic and ceramics museum of Ariano Irpino
  • Archaeological park of Aeclanum


  • Archaeological area of ​​the Roman Theater of Benevento
  • National Archaeological Museum of Sannio Caudino

For the complete list of places and for all other information, visit the official website of Ministry of Culture.

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