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On a cool March morning, Naples awakened in the name of culture and history with a real rush at the box office. The Teatro San Carlo, one of the artistic symbols of the city, becomes the fulcrum of an extraordinary event which has captured the attention of hundreds of young people and enthusiasts: a public lecture by Alessandro Barbero on Frederick II.

The charm of the medieval era and the enigmatic figure of Frederick II are at the center of this wait, demonstrating how a passion for history can still gather crowds and create communities today.

Who is Alessandro Barbero: the academic and popularizer

Alessandro Barbero, a key figure of the event, is not only a prestigious academic, but also a master of historical dissemination. His way of telling history, which transforms events and figures from the past into compelling narratives, has reignited Italians' interest in their cultural heritage.

His books, lectures and podcasts have marked a renaissance of the passion for history, making it an essential point of reference for scholars and the curious.

The event at the San Carlo theater

The choice to hold the event at Teatro San Carlo, initially scheduled at the Mercadante Theater, underlines the importance of the meeting. San Carlo, with its grandiose architecture and rich history, offers the ideal stage for a lesson on Frederick II, a character who was able to leave an indelible mark on history. A meeting that fits into F2 Cultura dissemination days, an initiative that celebrates the 800 years of Federico II University, the oldest secular institution in Europe.

The crowd and the passion for history

Already from the early hours of the morning, a long queue winds in front of the San Carlo box office, testimony to the immense anticipation for this event. Students, academics and simply curious people, all united by the desire to listen to Barbero and immerse themselves in the stories of the past.

The line, which extends to the Bronze Horses, symbolizing not only the wait for the event, but also the deep bond that still binds people to their history and their roots.

How to participate in the event on site and in streaming

To participate in the event, the public has the opportunity to collect tickets directly at the theater box office from 10am to 17.30pm on Tuesday 5 March, or from 10am to 12.30pm on Wednesday 6 March, with the limitation of two tickets per person.
Places are limited and the sale will end when sold out.

For those who are unable to get a ticket, there remains the option of streaming which will take place on the university's YouTube channel, so as not to miss the opportunity to follow the lesson.

In the meantime, a previous lesson by the professor is already available on Spotify. Alessandro Barbero precisely on the figure of Frederick II.

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