Belen Rodriguez and De Martino, the photo that denies the crisis

Stefano DeMartino Belen Rodriguez

Belen Rodríguez e Stephen DeMartino, after days of silence, they published a photo on social media that denies the crisis and reconfirms the great harmony that exists between them (even between ups and downs).

Yet another twist in the love story between Belen Rodríguez e Stephen DeMartino. After days of silence, and in which the most disparate hypotheses have circulated, the Argentine showgirl and the Neapolitan conductor have published a photo in which they showed themselves more united than ever.

In the image, which made fans of the couple breathe a sigh of relief, the two are seen aboard a vintage car (Stephen DeMartino is driving while Belen Rodriguez is sitting next to him, in the passenger seat).

Belen Rodríguez e Stephen DeMartino they are more in love than ever

Belen Rodríguez e Stephen DeMartinoAlthough they are no longer married, they are more in love with each other than ever. In recent days, however, there have still been rumors about one alleged crisis, especially after fans noticed that the Argentine showgirl had unfollowed Stephen DeMartino, while the Neapolitan conductor, for his part, had shown himself in response without the wedding ring.

Now, however, it seems that the beautiful stable has returned (again) in one of the most talked about couples in Italian showbiz. Will peace last longer this time? Or Belen Rodríguez e Stephen DeMartino Will they give us another twist this summer? We just have to wait to find out…

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