Who is Belen Rodriguez? Biography, relationships, career and scandals

Belen Rodriguez

Who does not know Belen Rodriguez? Model, presenter and showgirl, is among the most loved faces of Italian television. From Argentine origin is naturalized Italian.

There are many ideas for which the girl has been talked about over the years, starting with the awards received, the numerous television presentations, her career in the fashion world and, last but not least, the scandals which, unfortunately, she found herself facing .

To date it is mother of two children which he considers the essence of his life itself.

Biography and private life

La private life of Belen Rodriguez has been, in recent years, at the center of gossip and the attention of millions of fans throughout the Bel Paese. Courageous choice to leave Argentina at just 20 years old to pursue his dreams in Italy.

Origins and family

Maria Belen Rodriguez (known simply as Belén Rodriguez) was born in Buenos Aires (Argentina) the 20 September 1984 and is, to date, 38 years old. The father is an Anglican pastor named Gustavo Rodriguez (whom we met in one of the past editions of L'Isola dei Famosi) and the mother is called Veronica Cozzani. Belén is the eldest of three children. In fact, you have a sister, Cecilia (born in 1990) and a brother, Jeremias (born in 1988).

The bond between the three brothers is very strong and we have had the opportunity to observe it many times since all three Rodriguez work in show business. Belén has always been passionate about art and that's why she enrolled in the Artistic high school. The girl also attended her University in her hometown. She was, in fact, enrolled in the Faculty of Communication Sciences ma he never earned his degree.

Belen Rodriguez he was just 20 years old when, in 2004, he arrived in Italy and moved to Milan and starting her journey that will lead her to be one of the best known television personalities in the Bel Paese.

Romantic relationships and children

Belén's first important relationship was in Argentina with the model Tobias Blanco. Just him, in 2011, after the relationship, published an intimate video of the girl in revenge. It was useless to contact the postal police. Once in Italy, Belèn has entered into a relationship with the footballer Marco Borriello which lasted from 2004 to 2008.

From 2009 al 2012, Belén had an affairne with the king of the paparazzi Fabricius Corona ended badly. always in 2012 has intertwined a story with Stephen DeMartino, Which has married 20 September 2013 e by whom he had a son, Santiago, 8 years old.

In 2015 the marriage with De Martino ends and the Argentine showgirl starts a relationship with Andrea Iannone, duration until 2019. Just in that year, the girl met, in fact, Antonino Spinalbanese falling in love with him and remaining by his side until 2021 (the year in which their daughter, Luna Marì, was also born). Since 2022 it seems that for Rodriguez the spark has been rekindled with the ex De Martino, undoubtedly the man she loved most in her life.


Versatile artist, Belen Rodriguez has tested itself in several respects always making the most of it and obtaining excellent results. The debut was certainly in fashion and then moved on to cinema, television and the world of music.


Belén Rodriguez was attending art studies when in 2001, at just 17, she began her career as a model. The first fashion house that strongly believed in her was theElite Model Management which took her around America, where she made herself known right away. After moving to Italy, settles in the fashion capital, Milan, and it is here that begins to parade for some of the most prestigious brands, including for example, Miss Sixty, Yamamay, Size 42 and Pitti.

In the two-year period 2016-2017, Belén acted as testimonial to the line Marciano by Guess? while the following year, in 2018, Alessandro Angelozzi Couture he chose it to advertise his wedding dresses. Lots of i sexy calendars that have seen her as protagonist: the first in 2006 (Vuemme), which will be followed, among others, by one of the best sellers, the 2008 calendar by Maxim. So are the covers like that of Playboy Italy in 2009 or by Vanity Fair in 2012 (and still today).


Belén Rodriguez appears for the first time on TV in Italy in 2006 on various local broadcasters. Skip to national networks the following year, in 2007, when on Rai 3, in the late evening, he leads The dry cleaners. In 2008 it was the turn of pirates where she plays the role of correspondent and co-hosts together with Selvaggia Lucarelli. There consecration to the general public, however, it is dated 2008 when participates in The Island of the Famous finishing second (Luxuria won that year).

Belén Rodriguez becomes, therefore, fixed face of the Mediaset networks where he leads important programs such as Seriously, Sarabanda, Colorado, Italia's Got Talent, Le Iene. At each edition he leads with success Tu si que Vales on channel 5 together with Alessio Sakara, Martin Castrogiovanni and Giulia Stabile.

Outside of Mediaset, in 2011, Belén conducted the Sanremo Festival together with Elisabetta Canalis and Gianni Morandi. Rodriguez will be at Sanremo also in 2012 where he will arrive in place of Ivana Mrazova in the role of valet.

Actress and singer

Belén Rodriguez has also successfully tried herself in the roles of actress and singer. Neri Parenti chooses her in 2010 for the cinepanettone Christmas in South Africa. In 2011 you worked in If you are so I say yes while in 2015 it was the turn of There is no 2 without you. For this film, Belén also sang the soundtrack, Entitled Loving you is crazy, released that same year.

Belén has not only acted for the cinema but also for TV ne Inspector Montalbano (2011), Cosi fan tutte (2011) and Don Matteo (2016).

Among the works of Belén Rodriguez, we anticipated it, there are also some that see her engaged in the role of singer. debut, in this sense, is dated 2009 with the song Come on Move Move, used as initials in Sarabande in that same year. Also interesting participation in Sanremoin paired with Toto Cutugno, with the song Airplane.

Awards and awards

Different prizes that Belén Rodriguez has received up to now, among which the one as Woman of the Year and the one as revelation character of the year stand out, to underline the incredible rise of the Argentine girl in our country. The awards obtained can be summarized as follows:

  • Breakthrough character of the year at the TV Award – Television Direction Award (2011).
  • Woman of the Year by the Amici della Lirica Academy (2013).
  • Excellence of the year at the Advertising Gala (2014).
  • Living work of art at San Gennaro Day (2015)

Scandals in which she was involved: how did she face and overcome them?

In addition to its beauty, Belén Rodriguez has made, over the years, talk about himself for the numerous scandals in which she was involved. One of the most famous certainly concerns the private red light video filmed together with her boyfriend, and ended up on the net without your consent.

She had just arrived in Italy when the engagement with the footballer Marco Borriello ended after Rodriguez's participation in The Island of the Famous due, it seems, to aspecial understanding of the woman with Rossano Rubicondi. Even with the next boyfriend, Fabricius Coronascandals abounded.

One of the best known? L'sighting of the two in the Maldives naked and in unequivocal attitudes.

The relationship with Stephen DeMartino, who later became her husband, caused an equally stir since, when it started, both were still engaged (she with Fabrizio Corona and he with Emma Brown). Even once the marriage ends, following the affair with the pilot Andrea Iannone, they cried to the scandal for a alleged betrayal of Belén.

In all these cases, the showgirl he faced and passed with a smile (at least publicly!) the scandals that involved it still today, after so many years, she is among the most loved female characters in Italy.

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