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Emma she is a very famous Italian singer who showed from a young age a pronounced inclination for music, starting his artistic adventure with participation in singing competitions and being part of the group Lucky Star before launching his solo career.

Let's find out more about his career and life!

Biography and career of Emma Marrone

His true name is Emmanuela Marrone, known to the general public as Emma Brown, is an Italian singer-songwriter who was born in Florence on 25 May 1984. Her path to success began in 2009 when she won the ninth edition of Amici di Maria DeFilippi, earning rapid recognition through his first album “Oltre”.

Emma's musical style

Emma's musical repertoire is a melting pot of genres they range from pop to rock, with influences of soul and shades of author music. Characterized by one scratchy timbre and an impetuous voice, Emma is renowned for the inexhaustible energy and charisma that distinguish her on stage.

His repertoire includes famous hits such as "Non è l'inferno", winner at Sanremo in 2012, “Warmth”, “Love is not enough for me”, “Love me”, “Deep eyes” and “Luck”.

Emma's albums and awards

In total, there are seven studio albums launched by Emma, ​​all marked by decisive commercial success. Her talent has been recognized and rewarded with several awards, including Wind Music Award, the Lunezia Prize and theMTV Europe Music Award.

The artist has crossed the prestigious stage of the Sanremo Festival seven times. Her presence at Sanremo they have always ended with more than flattering results winning in 2012 with the song "It's not hell" (even going so far as to participate in Eurovision) e in 2014 with the song "My city", paired with Modà. Emma has also explored the world of acting, participating in film and television works such as "Amici come prima" and "Il mondo dei giganti".

Emma's private life

Emma preserves the sphere of her private life with great discretion, but something has obviously transpired over time.

The love stories of Emma Brown

Emma Brown's emotional life is characterized by a deliberate confidentiality, but some of her love stories have been the subject of considerable media interest.

His sentimental journey has in fact included a long-lasting relationship with the artist Stephen DeMartino, from whom he separated when the latter began a relationship with Belen Rodríguez.

Here are the reports known to date:

  • Stephen DeMartino: The dancer and presenter Stephen DeMartino he was Emma's partner after they met on Amici
  • Marco Bocci: A brief flame ignited between Emma and the actor Marco Bocci in 2013.
  • Fabio Borriello: Emma was caught in the company of footballer Fabio Borriello in 2014, but the relationship never had official confirmation.
  • Nikolai Danielsen: From 2019 to 2021, Emma was reportedly dating Norwegian model Nikolai Danielsen.

Emma, ​​however, in the present celebrates his singleness, revealing in interviews the centrality of his career and the satisfying fullness of his life in the absence of a relationship.

  • “I don't need a man to be happy.”
  • “I'm single, but I'm not alone.”
  • “Love is not the only fundamental feeling in life.”

As an independent woman, Emma is an inspiration to many women, embodying the possibility of finding full satisfaction and happiness even without a partner by your side.

In 2019, the artist faced and overcame a battle with uterine cancer.

Emma as a symbol of resilience

Emma Marrone represents one of the most loved and followed figures of the national artistic panorama, not only for the vibrant sounds of her music, but also for her tenacious inner strength and authentic fighting spirit which have transformed her into a point of reference for many.

He held the role of coach in the well-known talent show Amici di Maria DeFilippi.

Emma emerges as an icon of the music of the Bel Paese, a figure who with talent and determination has managed to carve out an important space for herself in the hearts of her fans.

The desire for motherhood

In an interview with Vanity Fair Emma spoke about her desire for motherhood, tackling the social stigma of motherhood without a partner.

We are not free to manage our bodies and this is violence. We live in a country where a woman has to go abroad to have a child alone because assisted fertilization is not available. You can't go to your gynecologist and ask for donor sperm because you want a child. Not even when you're forty and you know very well that you won't find the love of your life anytime soon

Emma Brown

Anecdotes and curiosities about Emma

  • Emma has the distinction of being the first Italian woman represented by a wax statue at Madame Tussauds in London.
  • The well-known singer opted for the shortened form Emma to sign her music, preferring it to her full name, Emmanuela Marrone.
  • Although often identified with Puglia, Emma spent her early childhood in Sesto Fiorentino and then moved to Aradeo at an early age.
  • Passionate about cooking, Marrone never fails to share her gastronomic creations on the same channels.
  • Emma's sweet aspiration is to share a duet with the famous Stevie Wonder.

The indissoluble bond with Amici

In addition to the memorable victory in the talent show, Emma subsequently also held the roles of artistic director and judge of the same show.

Emma's tattoos

Emma also reveals her personality through the numerous tattoos that adorn her skin, among which a butterfly on her back and a heart on her wrist stand out.

Emma Marrone has several tattoos on her body, each with a particular meaning. Here are some of the best known:

  • A butterfly on your back: This tattoo represents freedom and rebirth. Emma said she did it after overcoming a difficult period in her life.
  • A writing on the arm: The writing reads “Je m'en fous”, which in French means “I don't care”. This tattoo represents Emma's independence and strength of character.
  • A heart on the wrist: This tattoo represents his love for music and his family.
  • An anchor with the words “dad”: This tattoo, recently done, is dedicated to Emma's father, who passed away in 2022.
  • Other tattoos: Emma also has other tattoos, including a star, a triangle and Japanese writing.

Here are some meanings of his tattoos:

  • Butterfly: The butterfly is a symbol of freedom, rebirth and transformation. Emma said she did it after overcoming a difficult period in her life.
  • The writing “Je m'en fous”: The writing “Je m'en fous” in French means “I don't care”. This tattoo represents Emma's independence and strength of character.
  • The heart: The heart represents the love for music and for his family.
  • The anchor: The anchor represents stability and security. Emma stated that she did it to remember her father, who was an important point of reference for her.
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Written by Gennaro Marchesi
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