Music and Cinema in the Italian 900s, CA Bixio on display at the PAN in Naples

CA Bixio and his wife Mary
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The famous composer Cesare Andrea Bixio will be honored with an exhibition at the PAN in Naples

From 21 October 2015 to 10 January 2016, PAN of Naples host "CA Bixio - Music and Cinema in the 'Italian 900", the extraordinary exhibition dedicated to the famous Neapolitan composer.

The exhibition, by the City of Naples and the Councilor for Culture and Tourism, will show citizens and tourists a rich tribute to Cesare Andrea Bixio defined artist and innovator of culture and entertainment of the '900 as well as Neapolitan father of Italian pop.

Among the hits of Bixio there are famous songs like "Mamma", "Tell Me About Love Mariù", "Vivere" and many other celebrated successes all over the world. These successes, that have consecrated him the greatest representative of the cultural revolution of the '900, the same that has determined the birth of the modern Italian song, as we know it today.

The exhibition will be an exceptional journey focused on the famous author, between historical images, covers of scores from the early '50, movie images famous musicates from the same Bixio e recited passages by great artists like Vittorio De Sica, Totò, Anna Magnani, Elsa Merini, Macario and Beniamino Gigli.

An unmissable opportunity therefore, to celebrate the famous artist and his deep connection with the city of Naples, which inspired his extraordinary career and his greatest successes.

About CA Bixio - Music and Cinema in the Italian 900

When: from the 21 October 2015 to the 10 January 2016
Where: PAN, via dei Mille 60

  • Monday to Saturday: 9: 30-19.30
  • Sunday: 9: 30 - 14: 30 (closed on Tuesday)

Ticket price:

  • Full: 5 €
  • Reduced: 3 €

Information: | Website Bixio Show

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