Carnival in Città della Scienza 2023: masks, experiments, laboratories, parades

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City of Science organizes, as every year, a carnival event for children nothing short of fantastic! We are talking about the Great Carnival Party which will take place on Sunday 19 February 2023. In just one day it will be possible to be transported into a world of fun, joy and colours From 9: 00 to 17: 00!

Between magic tricks, morals colored, Masks to wear and spectacular science shows! But also experiments fun to typically carnival themes in a whole new scientific key. And among the many activities there will be guided tours to the Museum of the Human Body, Corporea, to the temporary exhibitions and fantastic shows at the Planetarium.

All the activities of the Carnival in Città della Scienza

Obviously Città della Scienza brings into play some very special events which, yes, they will have to do with the Carnival, but above all with science: between experiments fun and WORKSHOPS that will be full of magic and colors!

  • Corner FacePainting: children can be made up of various characters using hypoallergenic products. Duration: 45 minutes, Target: 3-6 years, Max 20 children, Hours: continuous cycle.
  • Masters of mimicry: children can color and cut out a mask of an animal, predator or prey, and participate in the costume parade. Duration: 45 minutes, Target: 3-6 years, Max 20 children, Hours: continuous cycle.
  • The parade of camouflage masks: the children put on their mask and parade challenging the others. Duration: 20 minutes, Target: 3-6 years, Max 20 children, Hours: 14.00 pm, Booking at the Corporea infopoint.
  • How much science in a pinwheel: children can build a pinwheel and learn the first concepts of physics. Duration: 45 minutes, Target: 7-10 years, Max 20 people, Hours: continuous cycle.
  • Finger puppet: kids can get creative by making colorful finger puppets. Duration: 45 minutes, Target: 7-10 years, Max 20 people, Hours: continuous cycle.
  • Colored salt workshop: children can discover the properties of table salt and make a bottle of colored salt. Duration: 45 minutes, Target: 7-10 years, Max 20 people, Hours: continuous cycle.
  • Let's build the zoetrope: children can build a zoetrope, an optical toy that gives the illusion of a moving image. Duration: 45 minutes, Target: 10-13 years, Max 20 people, Hours: continuous cycle.
  • CHIMiCA understands: this activity is not described in detail, so I can not provide information about it.
  • Games of light: An interactive activity in which participants can transform a ray of light into a paintbrush and the air into a canvas, creating “drawings” with light.
  • Science Shows: A show showing live science experiments, suitable for all ages.
  • Corner face painting: A corner where children can have their faces painted with brushes and themed colours.
  • bubble painting: An interactive activity that involves creating artwork using colored soap bubbles.

Shows at the Planetarium

  • Robot Explorers: A presentation on how robots work and their importance to exploration.
  • From Earth to the Universe: A virtual journey through the universe exploring its mysteries and wonders.
  • LIVE Let's explore the solar system: A live experience that explores the solar system, showing the planets and their movements.
  • LIVE the Sky of the month: A presentation on the constellation and celestial objects visible in the sky of the current month.

Brief list of all activities

  • Tricks, disguises and masks
  • Science confetti
  • Continuous cycle themed workshops for children aged 3 to 12
  • Fantastic science shows in the Newton Room for the whole family
  • Children's animation
  • Brand new planetarium shows
  • Costume parade

Contacts and Information

Entrance paid (prices below), but price quotation for the following category:

  • ICOM card holders
  • Citizens residing in the Bagnoli district (Naples) with the exception of the Great Holidays (Epiphany, Carnival, Halloween)
  • Accompanying teachers (1 teacher for every 10 students, any excess will be counted in the paying)
  • Disabled persons with certification of disability exceeding 74% and their companions
  • Persons recognized as disabled pursuant to Law 104/92 (art 3 paragraph 3) and their companions
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